***Jump directly to the present time***
First war of the races. The reptilians emerge victorius. Humans are forced into slavery.
Thoral, greatest warrior of the reptilians, dies and ascents to godhood.
First insurrection of the humans against their opressors.
5000 human slaves are being executed. This example however has not the desired result, humans keep on rebelling.
The second insurrection is also in vain.
The reptilians release all slaves into freedom for the realized that no selfawared being should kept in prison. Humans flee to all regions of Rulus.
Many hordes of humans get together and found the very first towns and cities.
Number of man increases with no bounds.
Humans discover iron.
Start of a great human migration. They settle in the realm of Aktes.
Ra'Kroth crashlands on Rulus, is overwhelmed by the reptilians and banned into a magical gem.
The very last slaves are free. All of humanity rejoices in freedom.
Founding of Tandron and Tyros, the first great strongholds of man.
Riverstone is built.
A very rare disease decimates a fourth of reptilian population.
The realms of Argon, Khaldor and Shra-Sigh are founded.
Humans manufacture steel. Steel weapons are built.
Humans plan the Great War against their former opressors. All cities and realms form an alliance in order to stand united against the reptilians.
Beginning of the Great War. Humans annihilate nearly 50% of all reptilians.
Devon is born.
Groul is born.
Cynrik is born.
Valeris is born.
Grezak Yliazh is born.
Bractus Primor III. is born. Reptile is born.
Ares is born.
Xevon is born.
Moira is born.
There are no reptilians in Argon and Garancus anymore.
Xevon becomes a lieutenant in his fathers army at age 16 and wages war against the reptilians.
Bractus Primor III. is killed on the battlefield; his son Xevon takes over command of the aktesian army.
Xevon is the infamous Warrior across the continent. He annihilates the reptilian population in Aktes. Xevon receives the title "Butcher of Aktes".
Nearly 90% of reptilian population is annihilated.
Approximated date of Dereks birth - son of Devon.
Aurelia, daughter of Ares, is born.
Reptiles parents are murdered by Devon. Reptile continues to live in a cave at the border of Aktes.
Xevon starts to fight the army of Devon, who tries to conquer the realm of Aktes. Xevon travels to Chron, the last kingdom of the reptilians and tries to achieve a seizefire if the reptilians ally themselves with the aktesians. The offer is refused.
The daughter of Valeris is born.
Comic 1: "Fight of Destiny". Reptile saves Xevon from a surprise attack of Devons army. He aggreds to help the king of Aktes. Devon and his army is defeated and Xevon achieves an uneasy peace with the chronians.

End of the Great War.

Xevon and Moira are getting maried.
Reptile becomes "Knight of Honour".
Tracus is born.
Reptiles son Cynrik jr. is born. He stays in Chron with his mother Valeris (!) without Reptile's knowing.
Comic 2: "Might and Magic". The ichiak Thronos terrorizes the northern provinces. He defeats Reptile in battle and sends him to a distant dimenson but Reptile breaks free and kills Thronos. Reptile marries Milena, daughter of Xevon.
Comic 3: "Lord of Darkness". Baramoth obducts Milena. The aktesians form an alliance with Valeris and the chronians and follow Baramoth into his hellish realm. For the first time in history humans fight alongside with reptilians.
Comic 4: "Reptile/Freezing Storm: Teil 1" and Comic 6: "Reptile/Freezing Storm: Teil 2".

Strange visitors come to Rulus and fight against humans and reptilians. Milena is killed. With the aid of unknown allies the rulusians can defeat the strangers. There were never less reptilians in the world.

Xevon mourns the death of his daughter. Reptile and Moira lead the realm in this time.
Kyle is born.
Xevon founds a settlement for the reptilians in Ghalan.
Fabelle is born in Murrnau.
Xevon travels through the lands of Rulus. He searches for lost reptilians and offers them to ally themselves with him and live in Aktes under his shelter.
There are reptilians in Tyros, Turilli, Neil and Murrnau again.
A great festival in Tyros is held to celebrate the peace between humans and reptilians, which lasts for 30 cycles now.
Comic 5: "Cricle of doom". The traiterous duke of Tandron Griswould unleashes the being Ra'Kroth from it's prison. Xevon, Reptile and Valeris oppose the evil wizard and ban him again into his magical prison.
Valeris reveals her son to Reptile. Cynrik leaves Chron and lives along his father at Riverstone.
Valeris and Reptile are getting married.
Lunefer is born, the daughter of Reptile and Valeris. Kyle and Cynrik become friends.
Due to his marriage with Valeris, Reptile is crowned king of Chron, the last reptilian kingdom of the old age. From now on he rules over the chronian realm, which he has not seen since his childhood. Still he continues to serve the king of Aktes as an advisor.
Griswould dies.
Yirrck becomes duke of Tandron.
Kyle becomes 18 cycles old and is now the official heir to the throne of Aktes. He becomes freinds with Tracus.
Kyle, Cynrik and Tracus create a jousting-club and win every tournament held in Aktes.
Der Prinz von Aktes. Kyle, the prince of Aktes, opposes a group of argonian raiders which terrorized the southern border.
Kyle becomes involved with the beautiful Fabelle.
Kyle and Fabelle get married. They move to Murrnau and live there at castle Strongstorm.
Kyle becomes the duke of Murrnau. His son Magus is born.
The aktesians celebrate the founding of Tyros 400 cycles ago.
A great horde of Ichiaks from the icelands of the north grind the city of Ichtus. The dwarves seek the help of Groul, duke and defender of Couvrant. Xevon and Reptile ride to the north in order to help.
With combined forces the armies of Groul, Xevon and the dwarves overwhelm the Ichiak and push them back to their icy wastelands. The majority of Couvrant was destroyed but out of the ashes a strong alliance between Groul and the dwarves arises.
Xevon becomes 70 cycles old.
Xevon and Reptile are friends for 50 cycles now. Reptile receives the title of the duke of Ghalan. There is peace between humans and reptilians for half a century now.
Celebrations doesn't last long for Argon send an invasionarmy into the realm of Aktes. Political complications arise and the nobles in Aktes split in half - those who seek peace, led by chancellor Vandire - and the radical Primorians, led by colonel Karan Eridani. Xevon sends his son Kyle against the invaders.
Kyle defeats the invaders in a titanic battle and pierces through Argon. At Marabesh he stops and returns to Aktes. He convinces his father to greatly restore the military power of Aktes. In order to satisfy both political parties the military is strenghtened but the House of Primor swears an oath to never abuse this power.
Reptile becomes 100 cycles old.
The return of Devon! The murderer of Reptile's parents and tyrant of Aktes has been severely wounded in a duel with Reptile - but survived. After 52 cycles Reptile's nemesis returns to take revenge. Devon is supported by his queen Syrana and a huge army from Meru.
After disguising themselves as allies of Xevons, Syrana and a few assasins get into castle Riverstone. In the night they open the gates and Devon's army invades the stronghold. A fierce battle follows.
1406 -
The war between Devon's army and the forces of Aktes lasts for three bloody cycles now. During the war Riverstone is completely destroyed.
Near the end of the war Prince Kyle is being abducted by Devon's troops. Reptile searches for him but walks right into a trap set by Syrana. Xevon is severely wounded in battle.
Reptile finally finds and rescues Kyle from his imprisonment. In the end the duel between Devon and Reptile continues! Devon is defeated by Reptile and thrown into a river. Syrana manages to flee to Meru. Kyle and Reptile return to Tyros and defeat the last remains of Devon's great army. At last there is peace again.
Prince Kyle Primor is crowned King of Aktes! Xevon keeps his positions as advisor to the king and steward of Tyros - however, he leaves Tyros some time after and heads for the rural villa of House Primor in order to heal his wounds. Kyle begins to rebuild castle Riverstone.
Beacause of a harsh winter the rebuilding of the castle is halted. King Kyle, Xevon, Reptile and their families reside in their winterquarters at the outskirts of Tyros. There they finally have some peaceful time after so many brutal and bloody cylcles of war against Devon's army.
Work on the castle is almost complete. Lord Xevon seeks new ways on the seas and expands the naval trading routes with the other provinces of Aktes.
Reptile is still trying to educate his son Cynrik jr. in the ways of the warrior - however, his son is more interested in arts and doesn't keep up with his training.
Devon's daughter Xaide leaves her mother Syrana and her homeland of Meru and travels into the west, heading to Aktes. Later she reaches the woods of Murrnau.

At the same time Reptile's son Cynrik jr. is also in Murrnau to study nature and meditate in the silent woods. Cynrik and Xaide meet each other and fall in love but she returns to Meru because she is needed at her mother's side.

Cynrik and Xaide keep their relationship a secret. They write each other letters which are disguised as reports of espionage.

Before winter King Kyle, Reptile and Lord Xevon take care of enough food for Tyros. The seers predict a very harsh and long winter for 1413.

Reptile stays almost exclusivly in Chron during the winter because its a bit warmer there. Together with his wife Valeris he creates some new defendingstrategies for their kingdom.
In spring Reptile returns the Kyle's royal court in order to help him with riots which occur across the realm. There are rebellions and uprising all across the lands of Aktes, so intense like no one has ever seen. There is no evidence for reasons for these riots...

A great battle is fought at the borders of Tyros! On the plains of Carhoon Kyle's army suffers a grave defeat. Surprised by the superiority of their enemy the army is almost completely destroyed. Kyle is severley wounded and lost for days. Reptile searches for him and finds him on the battlefield.

Admiral Xevon, now leader of a great fleet of ships, presents his new paddle-steamer. King Kyle and Reptile Cynrik are gazing at this new ship in awe. This invention ushers a grand new era in the history of AKTES: the humans invented the steam-engine!
A new foe threatens the land: from the far east region of Khaldor, countless thugs and clans of thieves have emerged. Under the leadership of the powerful "Khan" they march towards Aktes in the search for gold and blood. King Kyle, Admiral Xevon and Reptile Cynrik - King of Chron - face their new destiny. But this new enemy is most vicious and seems to be almost invincible...
The Barbarian hordes under the leadership of "The Kahn" have reached Aktes and the sourrounding villages. But King Kyle, King Reptile and a huge army is ready to welcome the invaders... on the battlefield!
After countless battles, King Kyle and his army are finally close to victory. The last battle against the Khan and his Barbarian hordes is fought on the plains of Aktes. The final battle has begun!
The final battle against the Barbarian hordes is over. King Kyle and his armee of brave troops have won this battle but at a hight cost. They return to Riverstone victorious, though. Reptile has been wounded during the final battle but recovers quickly and helps with rebuilding the villages. The remaining Barbarians flee south to the lands of Argon.
Devon has returned!

After Devon died in battle against Reptile in 1409, his body was cast into a river. Eventually, he was found by a powerful dark mage who wanted to enslave Devon and used unholy magic spells to fill Devon’s corpse with life again! Unfortunately, this creature needed a lot of fresh bodies to consume... so it started killing any kinds of life to regain strength, flesh and power. Initially, Devon was too weak to consume the life force of others just by himself; he needed the mage’s power to do that and to gain strength.
After some months of service, Devon slowly regained control over his own body and mind but was still too weak to escape the dark mage's castle. It took several more months until Devon was able to use his own magic against his former master: Devon locked the mage in a spell and slowly consumed his life force, as well.
For seven years, Devon used his power to consume life, gain strength, learn to control his new abilities and to build up an army of undead, which he also resurrected with his new powers.
Eventually, Devon killed the mage but made him the general of his army of undead while he would be some kind of “King of the Undead” himself.

Devon is a 'Wiedergänger'. In a sense he's not a real 'undead creature' because he's still in control of his own mind and personality. Driven by hate and the lust to kill he roams the land to consume life wherever he can find it. And eventually, he'll search for his old nemesis who killed him seven years ago: REPTILE!

A new age has begun... this is the dawn of the undead!

The battle against the Undead is raging over the land. Every fallen warrior is added to the army of evil, not matter if human or reptilian and thus Devon's army is getting bigger and stronger every passing day. It seems there's no end to them. Every day, Devon is getting stronger and the heroes of Aktes have no idea what to do next.
In these dark times, Reptile is starting a dangerous enterprise: He's asking the ancient dragons for aid. But dragons are stubborn and not to be trusted...
The dragons of Aktes have agreed to support mankind and the Reptilians in their quest against Devon and his army of Undead. Meanwhile, Devon is trying his best to create a new, much stronger body for himself - without any success. Reptile and Kyle are getting in his way...
Reptile and Valeris still fight alongside Kyle's army against the Undead. But with the help of a secret spy they've finally discovered the location of Devon's lair. Hopefully, they'll arrive there in time...
The dragons are using their fire and immense power to decimate the Undead. Reptile, Kyle and Valeris reach Devon's lair. They destroy the remaining troops and have to face Devon now. The final battle between them and the evil nemesis begins! Just before Devon can finish his unholy ritual which will give him a new, indestructable body, our heroes enter his lair. Kyle and Valeris keep the last troops away from the scene and Reptile faces his enemy... after 26 years, he's determined to finish the fight once and for all...