The story you are about to be told takes place on the planet Rulus. This is a green and beautiful planet, with all kind of life forms.
A few millennia ago, two special species set themselves apart from the inferior life forms and they evolved into intelligent races. They developed their own language and culture. These two races are the humanoid Rulusians and the reptilian-like Reptilians.
But the Reptilians have been the "first born" culture of this planet; thus they took the reign over the planet and over all the minor creatures - including man.
At this time humans have been less intelligent and sophisticated characters compared to the Reptilians and they were kept as workers, servants and kinda pets by their scaled leaders. But they have been treated very well throughout the ages - no harm came to them and man always had enough food, clothing and a fine home.
Centuries passed and this kind of order ruled without any interruptions; but soon it became more visible, that man - unlike Reptilians - became eager to found their own culture. Humans became more intelligent and they had the ability to adept and to improve themselves. The humans discovered their passion to became less dependent and they wanted to build up their own settlement - far away from the Reptilian leaders. As for the Reptilian culture, which is mostly basing on tradition, magic and a very well sophisticated instinct, there was no more exploring and development - but man WAS able to develop and became more.

In time, man began to create an own language, working tools and machinery and they slowly disobeyed the will of the scaled leaders. In these difficult times full of tension and menace, the Reptilians came to a solution, which would definitely make an end to the prior order - in order to maintain the peace between the two races. The greatest of all wise elders came together and agreed that is was not good to enslave another intelligent race. Eventually, the Reptilians took pity on man and gave them their freedom after so many years of slavery.
But the Rulusians and the Reptilians were too different from each other, to live together in peace and harmony and soon the very first battles were fought. The "Great War" began in 1140, which almost eliminated all of the Reptilian population on the whole planet! The Reptilians had less improved and advanced weapons and so they couldn't stand a chance against the better armed Rulusians, though they were bigger and stronger. Man created better weapons and strongholds to eliminate the Reptilians at any cost and to gain the total reign over the entire planet!
The "Great War" lasted for many centuries and brought pain, suffering and death to both sides. But the humans won almost every battle and it was only a matter of time when the last Reptilian would be wiped out from he surface of the earth.

It was the year 1348 when the young general Xevon Primor joined his father's army at the age of sixteen. He started his career in the duty of war and became a very nominated soldier in almost half the time of a normal warrior. Xevon always wanted to prove his worth to his father - he wanted to show, that he was worthy to take his rightful place as king over Aktes. But at this time, his father Bractus Primor III. was still King of the land, who tried to kill all remaining Reptilians. The surviving Reptilians escaped to the dark caves and tunnels of Aktes and they returned to their home soil, the land Chron - hoping not to be discovered. But the cruel King Bractus Primor III. chased them to death and swore to destroy every living Reptilian!
At the same time, an unusual event split the last remaining tribe of the Reptilians. Only this last tribe of the land Chron was still alive - all the other Reptilians tribes and cultures have been wiped out during the "Great War". This last tribe was under the leadership of Queen Valeris and her husband. But a cruel lord and general who thrived for power, Devon was his name, send Valeris' husband into a hopeless fight - in order to get rid of him and to take his place at the side of the Queen. Devon always wanted to become King and it was his destiny to marry Valeris - in his mind, nevertheless.
Unfortunately, Queen Valeris fell in love with a warrior called Cynrik - one of the arch enemies and competitors of general Devon. Cynrik was also Reptile's father - a young Reptilian warrior, who's mother died during his birth.
Devon hoped to get rid of Cynrik as easily as he got rid with Valeris' first husband. Eventually, he was mistaken because Cynrik came back from that suicide run which Devon has send him to. But during that fight, Cynrik fell in love with a human female and this finally signed his fate. Queen Valeris was forced to ban him and his son Reptile into exile and she took Devon as husband - if only to uphold the law and order of the tribe. Her heart still belonged to Cynrik.
Reptile and his father escaped to a cavern nearby the borders of Chron. Devon discovered them a few months later and killed Cynrik - Reptile was able to escape his murderer and he fled deep into the human lands of Aktes.
In Aktes the fighting went on in a brutal fashion. Soon, almost every Reptilian of this land has been killed and King Bractus Primor III. proceeded to the land called Chron - the home soil of the last Reptilians. This time, he wanted to make an end to their lives - once and for all!
Suddenly, a special event changed this terror and bloodshed.
King Bractus III. died in battle and his son Xevon took over the army of Aktes and from this day on, the young King roamed over the earth like a storm of death. He fought with more passion and hatred then his old father and almost half of the land Chron died under his sword. Xevon gained the title "Butcher of Aktes" - a title, which he does not like to be reminded today.
Finally, Xevon reached his final goal: his enemy general Devon himself! A last, relentless battle was fought and it didn't look good for Xevon and his brave men. Anyway, Xevon didn't know that Devon did not fought under the order of Queen Valeris and the last Reptilians. The Queen already banned Devon to exile, as well when he tried to rape her. And besides, Valeris was keen and intelligent enough to face the end of her leadership. She knew, if she would not make an end to this war, nobody would survive. But Devon could not understand and didn't agree to Valeris' plans of peace. He was banned to exile, like Cynrik and Reptile have been before. But Devon gathered a new army at his side to fight for him - he paid human mercenaries from the eastern lands much gold to fight for him. After this, he had a grand army, which was even more ambitious to fight a war, then the well trained soldiers of king Xevon.
Meanwhile, even Xevon got first doubts about this killing and the whole war. He always wanted to fight, but just to make his father proud. Xevon killed Reptilians in order to gain more glory and power from his father. But now, his father was dead. And there was no more reason to slaughter, since deep inside his heart Xevon felt that he didn't want to kill anymore. He wanted peace. He finally wanted peace - more than victory.
In his darkest hour, Xevon decided to make a peace treaty with Queen Valeris of Chron. Xevon gained knowledge, that general Devon was NOT acting under the orders of Valeris and the young King had hope, that she would listen to him.
Suddenly, on his way to Chron, Xevon fell into a trap which Devon prepared for him. The Reptilian general almost killed the young king, as the warrior Reptile saved Xevon's life.
Destiny and good fate seemed to be on Xevon's side for now - he was saved by one of the creatures, he has killed and hated all over the years.
Reptile agreed to stand by Xevon's side and helped him to fight Devon's army. Together, both warriors defeated Devon and his mercenaries in the year 1353 and finally they made and end to all the bloodshed and killing.
The "Great War" was over!
From this day on, Xevon gained a new title as "King of Peace" and he still helps to maintain the peace and friendship between humans and Reptilians.

One year later, the Reptilian warrior Reptile was nominated as "Knight of Honour" by King Xevon and now serves and lives at Riverstone, the King's home and most important place of Aktes.
Meanwhile, Reptile gained the trust and friendship of the surviving Reptilians of Chron and with the grand Queen Valeris, he cares a lot for the peace between the two races.
If there is any enemy, who tries to threaten the land, King Xevon and his knight Reptile are there to solve the situation!

How the story about the two heroes would end, isn't written yet. The legends of Rulus are just about to begin...