Frequently asked questions about the Reptile-Universe

Q: Are you doing commissions or requests?

A: No, I’m not doing commissions or request due to my limited time. My job leaves me barely time to draw something for myself, and that’s why I cannot take commissions any more. Sorry!

Q: Are you doing ART TRADES?

A: Yes, from time to time I am willing to do ART TRADES. If the nature of the trade is interesting and appealing, I agree to make trades. An ART TRADE means, you draw (or write about) a character of my universe and I draw (or write about) one of your characters in return.

Q: When and how did you create “Reptile”?

A: Reptile has been created back in November 1996! First, I simply drew a dinosaur head – then, I gave this one a human body. It’s simply just an ANTRHO dinosaur or lizard, I think.

Q: What have been your first characters?

A: The first characters I’ve created and developed was Reptile, Xevon, Devon and Milena. It was a typical fantasy-story-mixture: the hero Reptile, the king and leader Xevon, the nemesis Devon and the princess Milena! Soon and in time, more characters followed and I developed the main characters and gave them more detail and more sophisticated character trades.

Q: When did you start your drawing career?

A: I began drawing in very early years. But my first comic book has been drawn when I was 12 years old. And from this time on, I kept on drawing!

Q: How did you learn drawing?

A: Most of all is talent and a lot of practise. But I also visited a “drawing school” for some years, where I’ve learned a great deal about proper drawing, line art and colouring.

Q: Why do you draw fantasy stuff?

A: I think, I’m capable of drawing almost anything… but fantasy is my favourite topic, since I saw the movie “Dragonheart” and started playing the game “Warhammer”!

Q: What are your drawing materials?

A: I use a normal HB pencil for my sketches and pencil drawings. For the line art, I use a metal pen and liquid black ink. For the colouration, I use coloured pencils, permanent and clothing markers and some acrylics and brush.

Q: How do you draw a picture?

A: First, I do a rough sketch to be sure about composition and the pose of all figures involved. Then, I do a fine pencil drawing. This must not be TOO detailed, since I have to erase it again, after all. The next step is to ink the pencil. This means, I do a clean line art in black and white and erase the pencil with a rubber later. And then, I colour the line art with a mixed method of combining pencils and markers and acrylics. Usually, I start adding basic colours to the line art with markers. Then, I do some shades and small highlights with coloured pencils. In the end, I use acrylics and brush to add the very top highlights and brightest light effects. But some figures or parts of the picture are not supposed to be coloured with markers: I barely use markers for human flesh, for example. And for most backgrounds (like sky or water) I use only coloured pencils.

Q: How much time do you need to draw a picture?

A: My pictures are usually of the size DIN A 3 and take 4 days to finish. But 1 day means 4 to 8 hours each day, when I can afford the time.

Q: Is Reptile your first character or did your do other comics?

A: Reptile is actually my second character. Prior to this one, I have drawn 10 comic books about my former best friend and myself. In this old comic line – called “The Fantastic 2” – my buddy and I have lived many funny adventures. But “Reptile” can be called my most sophisticated and favourite comic universe!