The setting is a dark and gloomy cavern deep inside the Reptilian lands called CHRON. Here, in that forgotten mountain of vanishing hope, lies the realm of Devon - the cruel and unforgiving Reptilian lord and general of the last army of the Reptilian race.
It is the time of the “Great War” and mankind almost prevails over the Reptilian race. Here in his laboratory, the evil lord Devon forges a new plan to reach final victory over his enemies.
In secret, he experimented with his own genes. He took some of his own seed and some dragon genes. After years of study, waiting and unholy magic, the moment is near for a new creature to be born into this world…

Devon: (glances with pleasure at the creature, which just hatched from a huge, grey egg.) It is done! It finally worked!! (screams of joy. He watches the new life, which emerges from the shell of the terribly smelling egg.)

Derek: (bends his newborn stubborn legs and hands. He can’t recognize or realize what’s just happening to him. A first breathe agonizingly goes in and out from Derek’s lungs. He gasps and screams.)

Devon: (jumps a few steps away from the apparently huge creature. It is amazing, how this being fit into that rather small egg.) Now... rise my son!

Derek: (His rather blurrish gaze is sweeping all over the dark cave. Once Devon asked him to rise and makes a describing hand gesture, Derek’s gaze went back to where it started from. With slowly sharpening eyes Derek measures his creator and his father – Devon. Slightly humming and half growling something ambiguous for answer.)

Devon: (lifts one finger and turns.) Wait a second... (he walks to the opposite corner of the cave. Soon, he returns with some glowing and sparkling item in his hand.) My glorious creation... I am a genius! You must know... (talking directly to Derek.) You are the seventh creation, I have done. But... (sighs.) you are the first one to live. All the others before you died instantly after birth... but you... you are strong, I can see that! You will be worthy to be my son. See this... (shows Derek a small amulet with a green crystal inside.)

Derek: (After Devon went out from Derek’s sight he started to exploring again with his Reptilian yellow green eyes. As Devon came back and stood in front of him Derek stops again and glares that huge creature with primitive respect. When Devon shows that big sparkling green crystal to Derek, a wave of interest went through his body - shivering those blue scales. This was a gesture of Dragon hatchet when their mother talks to them. A reflection from the green crystal in Derek’s can be noticed. He turns his head a bit to right.)

Devon: (smiles at Derek, who seems to be quite interested in that green gem.) Yes, my son... this is Cyronite - even green one! Very rare and powerful. This shall be a sign of our bound... (he places the gem on a stone table, lifts his sword and splits it in half. Then, he fits one half inside the silver amulet and hands it over to Derek.) Take this. It is a father's gift. And I hope, it will increase your hidden magical powers the way I want them to be! From now on, you will be more than a son... you will be my personal assassin, my guard, my elite soldier!! (waves with his hands.)

Derek: (As faster than a normal newborn starts to recognize a movements, gestures and language that his father speaks to him. After Devon gave the amulet to Derek his fingers slowly and warmly pressed the Cyronite amulet against his palm.) Yes... father.

In the next years, the “Great War” between Reptilians and Rulusians rages over the lands of RULUS. There are losses on both sides, and though the Reptilians are strong and powerful warriors, man prevails in most of the battles. This is the time, when Derek - the new creation and son of Lord Devon - shows his potential in countless battles. The blue scaled and winged creature called Derek strikes against the human armies like a huge chariot - annihilating everything in his path. For many years, he fights cruel, bloody and merciless. Just like his father told him to do. But even after his greatest victories, Derek makes up his own thoughts about his future…

(Back in Devon’s lair.)

Derek: (thinks hard to find the proper words. After a long pause, he slowly starts to talk.) Father… what will… happen to me, when the war is over?

Devon: (cold face expression.) When the war is over, your help won’t be needed anymore! Don’t mind… (laughs.) I don’t expect you to survive the war, anyway. You are good, no doubt, but your life power will only last for a few years, after all. I created you this way! Since you are one of your kind… what are you planning to do on this world, after your purpose is fulfilled? By the way, I have found something better in the meantime… I call them “Ultra Reptilians”! Their potential and loyalty is magnificent…

Derek: (In the first moment he feels anger carnivorously going through his body. But after anger and hatred against his dad, Derek feels betrayed and tricked. All of his life Derek wasn’t anything else than a dancing puppet at the end of long strings of black lies.) No... it can’t be. Why, dad? You said I was supposed to be your son - personal assassin - EVERYTHING!

Devon: Well, you still are... but all good things must come to an end. You see, I have this very last duty for you to fulfil... there is a rising lord called Groul, or something like this. He resides in the realm called Couvrant or in the outer rim of it. I want you to find and kill him...

Derek: (fights again his overwhelming thought about killing his own creator in the first place. Somehow Derek manages to settle down his own boiling feelings. He gestures disagreement by saying nothing at all.)

Devon: What must I see? (grabs a close chair and throws it through the room.) You deny? ME?? How dare you... I created you! You have to obey, you hear me? There is no point in resisting me, for I can undo you in a second! (shows Derek his sword with another green gem inside. The gem begins to glow.) I can split you in half right now... I can cut you into million slices of rotten meat - that is what you are, if you don't follow my orders! What is wrong with you?

Derek: (shrugs a bit.) How can I blindly be led by an evil creator - a REAL puppeteer?! How?! I’ve followed your rules and your orders, always in the first place... I’ve spilled blood of thousands of humans: pregnant females, children, warriors, you name them! Now I can find myself betrayed by your pitiful lies!!! (cries each and every word in burning agony. He steps in front of Devon and glares deeply in his eyes.) I hate you!

Devon: (stands tall, yet he does not shop intimidation - though he really feels anger and rage himself.) If this makes you feel better, you were never supposed to "love" me... you have to follow me. (smiles.) So, I guess I can leave you two choices, my dear son. (lifts his sword. A ray of light hits the blade.) I can end your foolish and short life right here and now, or you die after doing your final duty! What should it be, you little rascal?

Derek: (creates numerous plans what he could possibly accomplish later on when gets rid of this risky situation.) I really thought I could love you once... though, it had cost me my life spent killing innocent life forms. (feels a tear pouring out from his left eye.) I obey your order for very last time in my life. (end of sentence dies on his lips.)

Devon: (breathes hard and lowers his sword.) Very well. I must admit, you are impressive after all... getting me almost scared a bit. But we both know, challenging me would bring you no good, right? After all, your struggle is pointless! You are obsolete. Insufficient! But I might show myself generous... when you had your duty done, I might consider giving you a little enhancement of your life in return... not much, though. You cannot prevent the ice from melting, when summer comes. (he laughs loud and turns.) Alright... let me see, what my new Ultra-Reptilian does. (wants to go out.)

Derek: (Devon’s crude sentences made one extra flaw to Derek’s heart) No, this time I’ll give order for my very own self, no offence but, I’m sickened for your excuses!! (pulse under Derek’s breast is slowly rising above normal.) This time I’m going to be the one, who decides what to do with my own destiny! After I’m gone you can do anything with your so called Ultra-Reptilians. After all, then you have someone exploit for your own good!

Devon: You dare? (turns around quickly and strafes to the left side. He hold his sword in defensive position in front of his chest and gazes with anger and hate against Derek. He is now ready to fight his own creation.) Alright, you asked for it! May your fate be sealed right NOW! Like I gave you life, I will take from you now! At least don’t disappoint me this last time… do your worst!

Derek: (Devon’s words pronounced in anger and hate caused Derek’s blood pressure and pulse to reach highest point.) I’ll promise not to disappoint ya this time. This time you are the one, who pays consequences! (glances Devon furiously for last time before he jumps at him.) Graaaaaaah! (Derek swings his left hand at directly against Devon’s face. Claws in his fingers are tearing flesh and some scales off from Devon left eye corner and over his eye lid.)

Devon: (dodges Derek's next attack and falls to his knees, holding his hurting and bleeding eye. Fortunately, his eye is not damaged, but that deep scar is hurting in his flesh and ego.) You... you worthless pile of excrement! Nobody ever tackled me like this before… I will make your, you death will be slow and painful! (swings his sword and slashes through the air. His swift misses Derek’s head for millimetres. Devon rolls to the right side, jumps on his feet again, turns and hits Derek’s chest with his tail. No effect. Devon rolls down again and hits after Derek’s knees.)

Derek: (This time, Devon hit Derek in the bad point. Kick’s force falls Derek onto his own knees.) Aaagh! (A loud sound of bone cracking was noticeable, when Devon kicked Derek slightly under his knees. Derek quickly stands up to his feet - hoping for slight advantage from his enemy. An agonizing pain makes Derek to growl. Slightly moving backwards after he got onto his feet.) Was that the best you can do? (growls again in pain.)

Devon: It was a good move, but not good enough! (Devon puts his sword in a sheath on his back; suddenly, he runs after Derek, who is much taller than himself, and jumps at him. Quickly, Devon climbs on Derek’s back, digs his claws deep into the creature’s scales and flesh. Derek cries, but this is one dead corner for him. Derek’s wings cannot harm Devon, either. Devon makes a stand on his shoulders and back, as he pulls out his sword and rams it deep inside Derek’s neck from behind - trying to cut the spine.)

Derek: (Feels the cold iron blade incising his neck. Derek let’s out a long cry.) No, you won’t! (Suddenly, Derek bends his long back in front position. Devon was not prepared for his son sudden move. Devon falls off from Derek’s back directly onto a nearest table which gets broken in second. Yet Derek feels that cold blade of his enemies sword is sticking out from his neck. With a certain pull and small cry of pain Derek gets rid of that torturing piece of his enemy torturing his own flesh. While after he feels how warm red blood streams over his back.)

Devon: (With his sword gone, he has to come up with another plan. As he tries to get up again, but Derek takes his foot and throws his creator straight through he room. Devon flies against the wall, hits many shelves and breaks countless glasses containing disgusting fluids. The glass is cutting Devon’s skin at many places. Bleeding and in horrible pain, Devon screams out. He now gets a wooden shelf, a table, a rock… everything in his reach he throws at Derek - trying to keep that creature at a distance to himself.)

Derek: (Panting heavily in short intervals. Derek casts a long glance, full of emptiness against his former creator and now his present enemy.) If it was your choice... and remember to create only a mindless warrior for your own good. If I’m only an insufficient creature, who blindly follows your orders, you can forget those times. Because for now own you must accept that I can be a reasonable creature. You must understand - I want to live! (with certain pull Derek gets rid of that iron sword, which was sticking out from his neck. Cries again. Immediately after Derek feels how warm streams of blood flows over his chest and back.)

Devon: Oh, give me a break! You have chosen your destiny yourself. Now, you will pay the prize for your naughty behaviour. Nobody messes with ME! Alright… (he is panting hard. The loss of blood is almost robbing his senses. He now plays dirty - more likely, he tries to risk everything in a great blow.) How do you… like this?! (Devon closes his eyes, concentrates a few moments. He can take that risk of being unprotected and distracted, because Derek is wounded an breathing hard, as well - he might not attack right now. Devon’s body shivers; his hands begin to glow in a yellow-reddish light. Smiling, he mumbles some words of an unholy spell and as he rises his jaw for an incredibly loud cry, Devon opens his hands and shoots a burning fireball against Derek.)

Derek: (Few more seconds and Derek could be vanishing in a fire fury.) You forgot something... Dad. (bends his right arm over his chest and closes a large Cyronite amulet into his large fist. Derek prays quickly for a protection from his very own Cyronite amulet.) I’ve never tried this before... (slightly, the green stone begins to glow and after that Derek was surrounded to vivid transparent light. The fireball hits exactly into the chest of Derek but fortunately, a lighting shield evades it as if nothing had never happened.) You forgot, that I have a Cyronite amulet, which resists all of dark spells cast on it! (Derek casts a bitter smile for his stunned creator.)

Devon: Dammed… I need his amulet back! Why did I split that green gem… what was I thinking? (shakes his head and growls in anger.) But I will not give up... you cannot escape me! Nobody will help you... and if you won't die now, you will die later! But I won't give up the chance to kill you myself... at least not alone. Guards!! (screams for his guards.) You will not stand a chance against all of my men! (smiles at Derek, who seems to be in a trap.)

Derek: I’ll find my very own way to survive. (Shakes head and finds a tempting hole on the opposite side of a rocky wall, where Derek was while after he took a change and sprang. Derek has never tried his wings until this very moment, when he had to face to truth. Would those greenish wings keep him in the air without problems? Derek lets out a cry, a second before he realizes, that there was no more solid stone under his clawed foots. He jumps into the air.)

Devon: (screams after Derek, who takes off with a huge jump into the unknown darkness of the night. Derek spreads his mighty wings and quickly sails down.) I will find you, you miserable creature! If you won’t be dead by the time I get you, I will make sure to kill you very slowly!! (lifts his fists to the air and screams in hate and agony, as Derek slowly escapes his sight.)

(Derek escapes under the protection of the night. Not even the two moons of RULUS are lightening up this dark and sad night. It is raining. Derek is in pain, he is hungry and his heart is crying out about the unfortunate last encounter with his father Devon. Though he regrets nothing, he recognizes his fate: he is alone. With no friends, no life power and no hope. After many hours of flight, he is exhausted and lands on the top of a cliff.)

Derek: (Still panting after several hours of fighting over the never ending grey hills and black fjords. After few minutes his pulse came calmly down from the high speed where it was. Let’s out a breath.) That’s it... I’m all alone. It’s rather funny to feel this miserable emptiness surrounding me after these long restless and dark years I’ve been wandering. (forming a slightly twisted smile Derek feels a strange drafting in his mind while gazing in a black depths of gorge in front of him.) How sad it is.. or WAS. (Closing both of his both eyes Derek can’t help those bitter tears of misery pouring out from his eyes.)

(Suddenly, the silent rain drops are broken by a noise. The bushes behind Derek begin to split and crack. A huge, cloaked figure is appearing.)

Cloaked Figure: (with a deep voice.) I saw your arrival a few moments ago… who are you? What are you doing here?

Derek: (hardly feeling anything else than eternal pain that he was going to put in an end before he got interrupted.) What? Does it matter, who I am? You interrupted the last moments of my pathetic life… (whispers more like for himself.) Maybe, my dad was right, after all. Every life will come to an end sooner or later...

Cloaked Figure: (stays silent for a few moments.) Hm... well, anyone else might leave you and your troubles behind now. But this is my land, and I care for everyone who walks on it's surface. And I can assure you, you are not the only one, who felt despair and the loss of hope...

Derek: (turns his head to face an unknown cloaked figure in dark. His eyes won’t reach for figuring out who it might me.) Am I not the one, who was missed for all of these years?? (yells.) I can’t go on anymore. I can’t simply handle a life or either living! Despite all those things I did in order to change my destiny... I’m only an insufficient puppet warrior. So, tell me, what do you know about misery and despair? (Smiles again in bitter way.)

Cloaked Figure: (sighs.) You really are not alone, my friend. I can feel your pain... I was once like you - a puppet in a cruel game. Though my cruel master was nature itself. Being a misfit and cast out is never easy... I fought for almost anything - just to stay alive. My sense for right and wrong was not existing! But I didn't give up... I took care and found people, who care for me as well. (closes to Derek.) And if you let me, I will save you, as well... or I will help you, to save yourself.

Derek: (Feeling little bit more comfortable) Guess, you are right, after all... but still, step more closer so I can recognize who you are.

Cloaked Figure: (closes more to Derek. The moons are already shining brighter through the clouds of the night. Then, the figure takes off it's cape and reveals a huge, dragon like head. The skin is somehow red, with brownish shades. The creature got many thorns and horns on and around it's snout. It is smiling friendly, though.) My name is Groul. (there is some calming in the voice.) And who are you?

Derek: (Can’t help himself not to stare at this huge creature in slight awe. Casts a longing glance in the gorge for last time. Slowly stands up revealing his of great height for Groul standing next to him.) I’m not sure… do I want to use this very name. But.. (memories of that night and shouts of his dad still haunting him like a ghost. Shrugs a bit while evicting all those bad memories.) My... (again his words come out dieing on his lips. Gathering encouragement.) My name is... (holding it and finally mumbling it.) Derek.

Groul: (offers Derek his hand.) Anyway... it is not important, who you are and what you have done. You are here now and... if you like, you can come with me. You are lost, like I once was. And I offer you my friendship and a warm place to stay. What do you say?

Derek: (he doesn’t know about what his new companion is talking about.) Awww, excuse me... I didn’t... (watches Groul offered hand with enthusiasm.)

Groul: Alright! You don’t need to say more… I won’t bite you. (smiles at Derek. So much trust and new hope comes from his blue eyes.) Lets go to a place, you need the most… home.

Derek: (wins over his own prejudice and half in enthusiasm, he grabs Groul’s offered hand.) I’ve never had home. (Smiles now in slight happiness and most of all, in relief.)