The human army under the lead of King Xevon is almost gone... so is that Reptilian warrior Reptile. The battlefield is cold and dark - Devon's castle burned down to ashes.
Devon lays crippled and close to death on a grassy meadow. His blood turns the colour of the grass from green to red, while is awaiting his impending death.
But suddenly, he is able to move his body and his survival drive gives him new power...

Devon: (slowly opens one eyelid and moves his crippled body away from the disappearing human army.) They... (coughs.) These fools... thought, they could... defeat me. (he coughs, shakes his head and spits some blood on the grassy plains.) I shall... get away from here. Maybe, they'll send some spies, after all... and in this condition, I won't be a match for them! (crawls slowly towards a nearby forest.)

(Devon can hear something, maybe carrion eating birds are gathering slowly over battlefield... his eye sight is blurry and he cannot tell how far it is to the forest. He reaches the entrance of the dark forest with his last remaining strength... he rolls over and needs to spit blood again. His trembling body is hurting from the countless stabbing wounds of his recent fight with Reptile... while he tries to stop the bleeding on his leg, he can feel his arm is broken. Pain causes him to scream loud. As he lays like this, with corner of his eye he can see few Reptilian silhouettes on background of dark forest. They are coming in his direction, definitely they spotted him.)

Devon: I... I must have illusions... the loss of blood... (closes and opens his eyes again.) Who... is there??

Cloaked figure: (Reptilian warriors step aside as it came between them and bend over him looking closely.) Take him away, he is the one we were looking for. (woman voice, but the face is not visible because of a black fabric of her cloak.) Don't be afraid, we are here to help you. (stands up.)

Devon: (lifts his body and tries to go away a few steps.) I am... not afraid of you... whoever you are... if you know who I am, you'll also be aware of my powers! Just... don't touch me... (watches the cloaked figure closely and then the reptilian warriors.) I have never seen your kind before...

Figure: I know who you are and what you did general Devon. I am on your side, you can either go with us and find your revenge, or stay here and wait for carrion eaters to finish you and let world forget... (crosses her arms on height of chest.) I am offering you my help from good will...

Devon: (watches the figure even more closely but with a little bit more trust and less confusion.) Well... this offer is tempting. You just have to know, that I just came back from a fight with one hatred enemy - one, who was of my own kind as well! And I learned to trust nobody, except myself. (cannot hide a crippled smile, which was supposed to express self confidence.) But very well... (pleased by the fact that she called him by his title.) What do you have to offer?

Figure: You made a wise decision... this is not the best place to stay for longer time, you will know everything when we put you back together. (speaks something in different language and few of her warriors grab Devon and hold him under the arms, legs and back pulling him up and start to carry deep into a forest following the lady.)

Devon: (feels his body hurting again, while he is being carried away. His pride prevents him from screaming out loud. He watches around, while he is being carried even deeper into that forest.) Aww... I have... never been here before. What is this place and where are we going?

Figure: We are going to my transport, we must stay hidden so those human dogs won't spy on us... but don't worry, after we reach it, they won't stop us...

Devon: I see, you are well prepared... you have planned this all along, right? Why you didn't help me, when I had to fight that bastard traitor Reptile? (shaking in rising rage, but being held by the warriors who carry him.) Never mind... I hope, this is all worth it!

Figure: I only knew where to find you general... besides, I doubt that your pride would allow you to accept help from any of us, am I right?

Devon: This might be true... (hears a nearby river.) Wait... let's make a short stop here... I am thirsty and as long as you don't want me to be dead when we arrive at your place, let's make a rest here!

Figure: (chuckles softly.) But we are going to the river, I arrived here in a boat... we will sail down to the sea and get on my ship...

Devon: (shrugs a bit - almost not recognizable.) What? A ship...? Right... I suppose... this is the river, which will lead through Xevon's town TYROS and ends in the great ocean. You know, that we might pass Xevon's castle Riverstone, which conclusively is build nearby a river??

Figure: I am here aren't I? and nobody spotted me as i arrived... don't be so concern, you are not the only one who knows tactics. (they entered on small river beach hidden behind the trees and there is a queer looking small ship floating on the water.)

Devon: (watches this boat with curiosity and disrespect.) You came all the way here with that wooden branch?

Figure: (speaks nothing just gets into smaller rowboat which is docked at the beach. A few of her warriors sit there as well and start to row, while the rest along with Devon take a second boat and follow them. He may even see that behind the bigger ship there is another one - a little bit smaller, but it looks armed.)

Devon: (really impressed turns his head to the guard on his right side.) You all got quite a sea force here... I have no experience in "war on the waters" as I like to call it but... you might be able to pull off quite a fight!

(Devon watches the bigger ship coming closer. Warriors which are with him seem not to understand what he is speaking. Finally when they reach the ship the hooks had been thrown down and Reptilians tugged them on sides of the rowboat, leaving Devon inside and themselves jumping on special ladders and went on board. The rowboat is been pulled up on some sort of construction. After the rowboat with Devon inside has been lifted, another two - also unfamiliar looking - Reptilians take Devon and help him to get out of the boat. Devon now stands shaking and insecure on the big ship. While he is moved to the centre of it, he looks for that female again.)

Figure: (slightly grabs Devon’s arm.) Come on, my men will fix you up! (leads him under board of the ship, where he must bow down since this ship is not build for such giants.)

Devon: (is being laid down a bed made of straw and soft blankets, which are immediately turning red from the blood covering his body. He leaves a long sigh and needs to lift his knees a bit, since that bed is a little bit too small for him.) It is... quite comfortable here. I have never been on a ship before... it is shaking a little... a weird feeling.

Figure: You must get used to it, there is a long travel before us. (her hands were all the time hidden inside of her sleeves and face behind a half transparent veil, all black... now her hands are totally outside, in colour of milk and with transparent claws. An older Reptilian comes inside - carrying some packages. He kneels next to Devon and uptight his baggage full of some medical tools, most likely.)

Devon: (watches the Reptilian talking to that cloaked female in a foreign language again... then, he recognizes her pale hands.) What?? (he tries to move away from her, but the close wooden wall of that room makes this attempt impossible.) Who... or what are you? (tries to calm himself and not to show any kind of fear. Then, his body is being snaked by his wounds again and he screams out.)

Medic: (quickly opens up a bottle which he had with him, lifted Devon's head and allowed him to drink from it. It tastes like water with some additional understate, it smells herbal, and it brings relief to his throat. When he dinked half of the bottle, medic started to do his duty in cleaning up the wounds and putting some paste on them and covering with bandages.)

Devon: (lets himself being treated with not a small amount of pleasure.) Thank you... (he feels the potion of that medical juice doing well to his tortured chest.)

Figure: (takes off her hood and the veil from her face... she is totally milky with pinkie-reddish yes and a red sail on her head. Her eyes have something like black makeup.)

Devon: (staring at the white Reptilian with a mix of disbelief and fascination.) This... can't be true. You are... an albino, aren't you? I once read about your kind... but I thought, you are myth and legend. I got quite a collection of books, ya know? And I've never read about someone meeting your kind... and... (making a small pause.) getting away alive! (lifts his hand quickly.) Don't misunderstand... I am grateful for your help... but I don't understand...

Female: (tilts her head.) and what scary things they write about ones like me? Like we are vampires or something?

Devon: (shakes his head.) No, this is not what I mean... I was merely referring to some stories about you being banned from an ancient Reptilian tribe. As far as I know, you and your kind - if there is a kind, anyway - haven't been seen for a long time. (breathes hard and recognizable.) Well, and I am now the lucky one to meet one of you in person, right? I have no clue, why this happens to me...

Female: I am not a specie, I am like yours or any other Reptilian... I am just born this way, and I cannot do anything about it. But if you consider this being luck, then I am glad to be so unique. (while she turns his attention, the medic is taking care of worse looking wounds.)

Devon: (tries to take the healing procedure without making too many movements and less screams, since it's quite painful. But the bandages around the wounds already feel better.) You must know... it is in our nature, not to trust ones unlike us. Our caste system and culture sis thousands of years old and... we simply have no use for the "empty ones", as we describe you. (lowers his head, figuring out that this might have been impolite.) Sorry, I didn't want to... I mean... I appreciate your help.

Female: Good, and I am gald that you accepted it... I need strong allies like you.

Medic: (manipulates with a tool in one of Devon's wounds and gets out a big wooden splinter.)

Devon: (almost bites his tongue from the unexpected rush of pain and closes his jaws with all force. Then, he opens it partially to speak again.) Wwwww...rrraaa... what... do you need allies for? And why me? I mean... I am glad for all this, but... when we are done here and if you have nothing greater on your mind but the destruction of Xevon's kingdom, then let me go! This is my only driving thought... (the anger lets him forget the pain.) I have to destroy Xevon and his ally... the traitor Reptile!!

Female: (chuckles viciously and pats his arm.) Calm your anger for now, it is useless when you are weakened... I'll take you to a place, where you can gather an army and lead it to conquer the Eastern Lands and gain enough strength and power there, to finally crush your enemies here in Aktes!

Devon: (knowing, he should not easily trust this foreign woman, he hesitates with his answer.) Well... this is too good to be true. But I see no reason not to trust you... you had the chance to kill me, if you wanted to - more than one time! And with your men and this force of ships, you could already have attacked Xevon's harbour and the castle Riverstone itself.
Yes... (smiles widely.) Why don't we just sail to Riverstone and attack it, while Xevon is still on his way home?

Female: This is merely a force... what are 30 warriors? And those units are not assault ones, general... be patient, revenge is a cold served dish! Besides, I have my own business in all of this.

Devon: Alright! I guess, I can trust you... let us forge a grand army, in order to wipe out man from the face of this planet!! (looks into the female's eyes and recognizes agreement.)