A NIGHT OF LOVE (Warning: Adult Content)
It is night again. Devon and Syrana are riding on their new mission in order to recover an powerful and ancient artefact for Sneferu. For the past days, they haven't talked too much. Syrana was pretty silent and Devon had noting to tell, either. Since he has never been in this part of the land, either he is just trying to enjoy the ride - as much as possible - and trying to concentrate on their mission. But not every ride is comfortable...

Devon: (sits restless on his horse and searches in his bags, which are attached to the animal's back. Soon, he recovers some small package and unties the paper around it.) Syrana... you are hungry?

Syrana: (he woke her up from her deep thinking.) Hmmmm?

Devon: I am asking you, if you are hungry? (shows her some food wrapped in paper.)

Syrana: Oh, no... I am not... you always eat so much during journey?

Devon: (munches the food himself.) Well, riding makes me sorta tired... and... (watches the moons.) Well, when it is night and I am not sleeping, I get hungry fast. (smiles.) Hmmmmmm... but I need to watch my food. I guess, we need to save it for the long journey.

Syrana: There is always something to hunt if you like. Besides, we are not far from our first serious stop.

Devon: Well, good to heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghh!!!! (screams like hell. Birds are escaping from the woods.)

Syrana: What happened? (stops her horse.)

Devon: (moves in clenches like a dying animal. He tries to scratch his bottom.) I ... don't know... there is... something pinched my butt!! Gaaaaarh... what the hell... (moves around and suddenly falls off from his ride.) Oh, this is so... dammed be this forest (cannot decide to laugh or scream.)! Help me... (crouches on the ground.)

Syrana: (jumps of horse's back and walks to him.) Where?

Devon: (laughs and screams. Tears are shooting in his eyes.) Oh, gods... if you laugh, you can walk on your own. (smiles with clenched eyes.) It is... stupid! My butt... here, on the left buttock... something pinched me there... I guess, I got a splinter or whatever...

Syrana: (chuckles.) Good that I can keep tongue behind my teeth... show it. (takes piece of pelt from his back and looks at his buttock.) Indeed... but this is not a splinter...

Devon: Gaaaaaaaaaah... so what is it? Feels like a knife inside my flesh!! I know, this is not a dignifying moment... I feel so horrible. (laughs.)

Syrana: Tree leech... damn bastards.

Devon: What?? Get it away... (sighs.) Arrrh... how the hell they got under my saddle?

Syrana: I don't know... hmmm...can you walk few more metes? I must make fire and we won't be camping on middle of the road...

Devon: (tries to walk.) Well, it is better... (smiles.) Awwwwwwwwwww... (pants in relief.) Much better! Is it gone, that little blood sucker? (bows before Syrana and eventually gets on his knees lifting his butt.) I would not like to have some of those guests left...

Syrana: It is still over there... we need fire to get rid of it.

Devon: (cries.) Awww... you are right. (gets up, jumps to his horse and retrieves some fire stones.) Here. Where do you want to make the campfire? See there... (points to a corner in the woods.) This might be a good resting place for us... oooouch. It is... well covered from bushes and... grrr... we will have good shelter.

Syrana: Right... limp your butt to that place... you don't have to hurry up... (leads horses after her and ties them to some branches.)

Devon: (does as she tells.) I am a strong guy, I can take this for some time... please hurry, anyway! (laughs.)

Syrana: Hold on your leeches...I don't have 5 hands. (gathers some wood and starts to ignite fire.)

Devon: (tries to reach his butt.) Hmmmmm... maybe, I can reach them myself... (he cannot.) Darn... or I can squish em with my butt. (twomps up and down the ground.) No way...

Syrana: You want to make it worse... it must let go by itself. (blows air at sparks.)

Devon: (grumbles.) Well, if you say so... (lays himself flat on the belly and peeks his butt into the air.) This still feels so horrible... not the pain, but the situation itself. Darn... these leeches need to take my best part, anyway! Darn... oooouch!

Syrana: Oh really? I thought that males have best parts somewhere else... (puts some bigger branches into fire.)

Devon: Ha ha, very funny. I just wanted to be a gentleman and not mention THIS part, after all. Oooh... if the leeches would have attached to my precious... (shakes head.) No, I would have gone crazy by now. But this part is better protected, as you may know. My butt was not... but I don't wear large pants! Feels horrible. And I suppose, it wouldn't protect me here, anyway... right? Nature can be cruel... This is why I used to stay in huts and carrying wagons in times of war. I barely got outside... well, maybe to cut off some human heads! (grins.) Awww... is the fire ready soon?? These bastards are not full by now...

Syrana: Ooooh... those pests can sit on you for days. (takes out a small fiery branch from the campfire.) Here you will have to sit outside a lot, now you better learn how to manage in such situations... now, don't move.

Devon: Your words in the ears of your gods... okay, let's get over with it now. (crouches, leans over his knees and makes his body very small. He lifts his butt to the warm, burning piece of wood.) I guess, it is too late to search for a more easy solution, right? (clenches his eyes.)

Syrana: Don't worry, I won't touch you with fire. (he feels heat from the branch as it is closer then slight sound of something frying and silent squeak and he felt like leech runs out from the wound and falls on the ground snaking around, and when it did, he felt that Syrana is putting her hand on that place.) It is gone… hold the bandage, just where I have my hand.

Devon: (closes his eyes and feels this touch.) Hmmm... I don't know what you are doing, but it feels great... you got that little bastard! And... it is already good.

Syrana: I am still holding the bandage... you would really want to bleed like slaughtered human, not to mention that you would bleed from your ass. (the leech snakes on the ground and it is quite big and has 4 small teeth on its head.)

Devon: (laughs.) Ohh, if it was for me you could keep your hand there all the time! (watches the leech snails by.) Ugly thing. Hey... if someone will ever write a book about this adventure, he should cut this part out... or I will do the same with his hands and tongue!

Syrana: If we consider the theory, that rabbits will be ruling the world in 2000 years and this information will be given from generation to generation, then maybe someday some rabbit will write about it... I don't have whole night you know.

Devon: (holds the bandage himself now.) Thanks... well, I guess the bleeding stops in a few moments. (smiles at her.)

Syrana: (pats his head when she stands up and he still sits like kangaroo.) I must take baggage from poor animals...

Devon: I will help you... (gets up and closes slowly to the horses.) I have my blankets somewhere... hey, can those leeches come back during the night?? What do we do to take care?

Syrana: Oh, don't worry... that one is lost already and they don't sit on this specie of tree... what I would afraid more is drill hornet, but we didn't pass any corpse so no chances for that.

Devon: Good... (a little bit quiet. He looks around.) Somehow, woods are not my thing. I like caves. Well, never mind. (unpacks his horse and helps Syrana with the provisional camp.)

(Devon and Syrana already made their "bed" so to speak of... it is more like a leathery sleeping bag, of course. Simple blankets on the grass under the clean dark sky of the night. The fire is sparkling gently and prevents the cold of the night to catch the two Reptilians. Not far away the horses are relaxing from the long trip and feasting on some grass and wood. It is very calm... only some insects and the fire can be heard.)

Devon: (sighs and watches the fire dancing in the night.) Hmmm... few minute ago, I would have fallen asleep every moment... but now, I am just relaxed and quite comfortable. (takes his blanket and covers his chest. He watches at the stars.) It is a bright night, isn't it? I have never seen so many stars before...

Syrana: Maybe you didn't sleep outside that much... good night for hunters.

Devon: (gets a little bit closer to her to feel her body next to his own.) You are right about that... but the sky is not the only thing here, which is beautiful and flawless... (his fingers slowly dance over his blanket to Syrana's shoulder. He is moving his finger tips playfully over her skin.)

Syrana: (shivers.) If that compliment was directed at me then, thank you... and what exactly you are trying to do right now?

Devon: (tilts his head a little and smiles at her.) Well, you don't have to be so shy... I won't bite like a leech. (grins.) But you know... maybe, those leeches did do a good job, after all. If it haven't been for them, I would not have the joy of being cared by you once again. (moves with his head closer to her.) I cannot help myself... you are so irresistible. (licks over her shoulder and neck.) A perfect queen for a king...

Syrana: Just, what are you saying? (slightly moves away being not exactly sure what to do.)

Devon: (holds his "attack" and does not move closer. He feels, that she feel insecure somehow. So he pauses his "hunt". He speaks with calm voice and shining eyes.) It was... from the first time we met. When you brought me to your ship... I felt you are special. The perfect woman... I never had a real relationship. At least no a real one, you know? And... my female servants really don't count. No, I mean a woman equal to me... powerful, strong, a sense for leadership and the spirit of the warrior. Image us being together forever... what could stand against us?

Syrana: (blinks few times like trying to digest his words, then laughs softly.) By the love of Akba, Devon, you cannot be serious... are you?

Devon: (looks deeply into her eyes.) Why not? I am serious, and all the gods know I am true! I admit, I didn't thought of this to be serious, myself... but in the past months I felt a change. A feeling, which I never felt before... the feeling of need and comfort. I... (does not know what to do with his hands.) I need you. I feel comfortable around you. Usually, I was quite well on my own but this time is over... since you stepped in my life, you changed and took it completely. I am yours... and I would be happy, if you could be mine.

Syrana: (stunned.) For the first time in my life I have no idea what to tell...

Devon: Well... (scratches his chin and smiles.) I know, I might have talked enough for the both of us.. (laughs softly.) But... this is what happens when my feelings explode. This happens not so often, I can tell you... but everything in my body screams and burns, when I'm at your side... I simply tried to tell you... (closes his eyes and mouth. He makes fists. Then, he lets it all out with a loud breath of relief.) I LOVE YOU!

Syrana: (says nothing.)

Devon: (looks away. His hands resting on his legs. He sits next to Syrana and watches the fire.) So, now it is out... I could not contain it any longer. I love you since the very day on that ship. But I didn't want to believe this feeling... I never felt like this for anyone and I was afraid to tell you. I thought, it would be a sign of weakness... this is how I saw love all over the years. But now, it caught me... I feel... helpless. And this pains me more then any leeches. (hides his face behind his hands.) How shall we cope with this? I don't want to push you in any way... I just had to say it.

Syrana: (rubs her snout with hand, having eyes big like plates and being totally stunned.) Nobody ever talked to me like that... and I... I didn't know... (bites her thumb knuckle.)

Devon: (touches her shoulder again.) I know… I feel strange myself. Love for the first time, I guess. But in our case, love can be a strong bound… a power, which strengthens us! A feeling, that will make us both stronger and invincible for thing to come. I am very sure, that I’d prevail in every battle as long as I am at your side. (pauses.) Do you want to know, what kept me alive, while I was fighting Kalhai? I almost died that day… but I was thinking about you. About returning to you again. That made me strong and kept me alive!

Syrana: (tightens eye lit and teeth almost like trying to stop herself from cry.) Naaah... I thought that you care about the power and that I am royalty and successor after Sneferu....

Devon: You think like this of me? (shakes his head softly.) No… this was not how it developed. You must know… first, I thought I could get you like a prize. Like I usually take all things, which I want to possess. But you… when I saw your strength and skills – in every aspect – I decided to wait for the right moment… when we know each other better and when the setting is good. And underneath these stars, I am finally able to tell you my love for you…

Syrana: (opens her eyes but not to the end so she looks through small slits and this eye sight is almost like a drill.) I am learned to be suspicious towards everything. I give you credit for trust... you are smart Devon, a good liar too as far as I know. What proof can you give me to backup your words?

Devon: Hey… (moves even closer to her, and tries to lean with his upper body near to hers. He lays an arm around her chest and pats her softly; but still not too harsh or intrusive. He tries to evoke the feeling of care and trust by letting his instincts lead his movements.) We had quite some adventures till this day… and many more are about to come. There is nothing we cannot achieve! And… we are mode from the same wood, after all. I feel it! And if you let yourself fall, I will catch you. I trust you completely and so can you… (touches her neck with his snout. She feels his warm breath and even the shivers going through Devon’s body.) And as for proof… (he touches his own heart with his other hand.) My very soul! I give my life and soul to you… I am yours.

Syrana: (measures him with eye sight barely keeping smirk to become a smile and caringly pats side of his head with hand.) I like how you dress everything in words... how could everyone deny such an offer? Especially here...

Devon: (a clear sign of relief can be seen on his face. His eyes are shining brighter than the stars of the night. The cold air around has vanished and in Devon’s heart burns desire and passion for this woman – his true love. He smiles with amazing joy and happiness.) You are right… you are always right. And maybe… all the words are not being needed anymore. We should… let our minds and tongue rest and our hearts speak. (since he cannot move closer to her – he already touches her body with his own – he makes up something new. Devon’s left arm is still around Syrana’s upper body; his right hand is now moving to her belly and softly rubbing over it. He takes his blanket and slowly throws it over her legs, so that his thighs can touch hers. His tail snails around and is wrapping itself around hers from behind.)

Syrana: (leans her head on his shoulder and tip of her tail wags like a worm.) Of course you realize, that this is improper... Sneferu could order to cut your head for touching me...

Devon: (slowly licks along her shoulder, neck and chin. His warm tongue moves up an down her soft skin.) But Sneferu is not here… (his hands are moving under her blanket and are smoothing her belly and chest in passionate, yet slow, circles.) After all, there is only one who can make me stop… and this is you. If you want… I discontinue… (silent, deep moans are leaving his throat. It is almost melodic.)

Syrana: (nuzzles to his snout and grabs his hand before he reaches to her chest.) I was never touched by a male...

Devon: Don’t worry, my dear… I won’t never hurt you. And I will do it very slowly… trust me. (he moves one leg closer to her thighs and eventually puts his right knee on her knees; rubbing and softening her knees with his own with soft movements. The upper side of his right foot is rubbing along her ankle and foot. He begins to breathe stronger.) Anyway… I have never touched a woman this way, either… (with her head close to his own, he finally ejects his tongue like a snake and likes around her lips and chin. His hand is going away from her chest and takes her head to stay close to his muzzle, as he kisses her lips again and again.)

Syrana: (delicately holds on his wrist and under his jaw and turns head more at him, with slightly opened mouth and closed eyes she tries to enjoy everything with all her senses.)

Devon: (as Syrana opens her jaws a little bit, he slowly slides his tongue into her mouth. His rough tongue tickles and curls inside her mouth and gently rubs the upside of her upper jaw. Devon’s saliva mixes with Syrana’s own. As he gets his tongue back, he tastes her fluids.) Hmmm… that was great… (immediately kisses her again; his tongue slides deeply into her mouth. At the same time, his right hand goes back to her chest – finding its way up to her soft bra, which covers her full breasts.)

Syrana: (mews and smoothes his tongue with her own. Her hand goes up from his wrist to neck and stops under his jaw, which could cause suspect that she will choke him in a moment, but she just gently smoothes him over there causing nice shivers.)

Devon: (breathing slow and in recognizable excitement.) You don’t need to worry… I promise, you will like it. (with a quick move, Devon positions himself right before Syrana. He is sitting on his legs and knees before her, while her legs are spread open along his thighs; her knees are touching his hips. Now, Devon uses both of his hands to make circling movements along her belly. In the same time, he licks and kisses her chin and neck from the front. Now, he moves his hands slowly to the downside of her bra – trying to move it up and over her head.)

Syrana: Meh... (in kinda reflex she wiggles and puts her legs back together trying to put feet on his hip bone, and her hands slide down on his elbows almost like trying and stop him.)

Devon: (nicely pushes both her legs to his left side.) Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you… trust me. Let’s just make this more comfortable… (his hands move to her back, while he rests his mouth at hers. Behind her, he tries to open the strings of her bra with little effort at the beginning. Eventually, he manages to take off her bra and tosses it aside. While he still holds one hand between her breasts and pushes her down with light pressure, he uses his other hand to gently lay her down on her back. Now, Syrana lays on her back; her body looks like a tight up loaf of bread.) Please… don’t be so tense… I would never do you harm… (as she lays on her back with her legs still together, Devon sits himself close to her body and watches her plane breasts with delight. He lets one of his claws run over the middle of her chest… from her chin to the belt of her loincloth. Up and down…) How is that, my love?

Syrana: (her jaw twitches a little as she breaths and allows her hands to rest on sides of her head keeping palms up, and deflects her knees fighting with combat reflexes.) You must look out so I won't kill you...

Devon: (smiles.) Alright… I will have my head out of danger… (with side strafes, he moves with his nose along her belly up the her breasts and back. She can feel the warm breath coming out of his nostrils.) Hmmmm… your smell is arousing… (Saliva drops out of his mouth. Suddenly, he reveals his tongue again and pleasures her skin with warm licks. He licks over her slim belly, the chest bones and eventually around her breasts.) You want some more…?

Syrana: (clenches fists and her breath is hissing before she holds her breath for a few seconds exposing her teeth in kinda grin.) Please... (releases air from her lungs and she seems to be calmer.)

Devon: Rarrrrr… (growls in pleasure. With support of his fingers, Devon gently squishes, rubs and licks Syrana’s boobs from the sides and the top. His thumps press against the lower downside of her breasts, while the other fingers are nicely scratching at the sides. His tongue in the meantime does he most important job: to caress the hard tips of her nipples. His large tongue snails and curls around her nipples – teasing them with its rough edges. Devon moans in excitement. He breathes through his nose, and uses his mouth to kiss and suckle the tips of Syrana’s trembling breasts. Over and over again, he smooches and suckles her tips; making smacking sounds and massaging her soft flesh with his claws again.)

Syrana: (mews and arches her back and holds on his hands clenching fingers on his forearms, and her tail snakes and wags nervously.)

Devon: (sensing Syrana’s excitement and shivers, Devon goes on a little bit wilder and suckles and licks her breasts, chin and neck with even more force. Though he tries not to suckle that hard that it hurts. His speed accelerates. His head goes up to her neck again and suckles this part with passion and eagerness, while massaging her boobs with both hands.) You taste so good, my queen… it is like a lovely drug… well… (smirks at her and licks over his lips.) You know, there is another point which can be licked and pleasured in the most exciting way…? (while he knees at her side, his right hand is smoothing her face. Now, he moves his left hand slowly to her loincloth and glides with one claw over it… causing shivers.) Would you allow me…? (smiles with beaming eyes.)

Syrana: (nuzzles to his fingers and covers them with her hands.) I don't know…

Devon: Don’t worry. (shivers himself.) You just lean back and enjoy… (while she is not moving, he moves himself in a position where he is almost sitting on her legs. Devon leans forward, by holding his weight with one hand next to her hip. The other hand is now sliding around her loins and the cloth itself. Without making it too fast, he grabs her belt and carefully opens it. He is panting hard while doing this. As the belt is open, he pulls her loincloth slowly over her hips and down her legs, until it reaches her feet and vanishes in the dark of the night completely. Now, he touches her knees and very carefully spreads her legs apart – but only for a few inches. She still has her knees between his own. With less hesitation, Devon takes his snout right in front of her genitals and begins to breathe warmly against it.)

Syrana: Meeh… (slightly moves back on her elbows and falls back again; not sure what she should do.)

Devon: This is every man’s dream… (very slowly, he ejects his tongue again and licks over the lips of her vagina. He moves his tongue up to her loins and down to her genitals again. The tongue curls and slides all around her lower lips and eventually between them. With one gentle thrust, he enters her body down there and lets his tongue sinking deep inside. A clench like being hit from a lightning goes through both bodies. But only a moment, before they are getting relaxed again. Feeling Syrana shivering and moving in pleasure, Devon’s tongue makes some pumping motions; licking her genital pathway from the inside and outside all over again. Devon growls and moans in pleasure and continues to suckle Syrana with growing speed.)

Syrana: (moans and tries to get her legs back together but it is impossible. She digs her claws in the ground and arches her back spasmodically and bites her lip causing it to bleed.)

Devon: (licks over her bloody lips and goes back to her lower body again. While he is doing his job, something huge begins to bulge underneath his own loincloth. For a moment, Devon stops his lickings and raises his head. He kneels between Syrana’s legs and offers his bulge by lifting his lower body.) Well… what do we have here… (he smiles at Syrana.) This is… what you’ve called the “best part” of a male before. (laughs softly and moves his body forward and backward. The loincloth is jumping left and right.) Do you want to... check it out?

Syrana: (has one eye more closed then other one which gives her face a queer look.) I guess… you would be so drop dead… and torn apart by wild horses. (she keeps one feet on his hip bone like in stopping gesture.)

Devon: IF someone would find his out, hm? (smiles.) Would you wish me to go on, anyway? (smiles gently.) Not even death can keep me from you. Not even for all eternity! Would you not like to… feel us both connected… deep inside you…? (licks over her belly again. His loincloth makes really some trouble now.) I am offering the greatest pleasure of all…. for the greatest woman of all!

Syrana: (smirks and cups his face in hands and brings him closer to her so she can lick his snout caringly and her feet slides down over his leg to his knee.)

Devon: I will be gentle… don’t be afraid. (while he lays on her body, he grabs the knot of his loincloth behind his back with one hand and opens it. The light piece of clothing dives over his buttocks slowly to the ground – finally revealing Devon’s huge and pulsing member, which has left it’s sheath a while ago due to the great excitement. Devon is steady rubbing his cock a few times up and down Syrana’s soft belly – giving her time to adjust to this new sensation. He gives out few lustful moans and whistles through his nose.)

Syrana: I am not afraid. But you should... (nuzzles to his muffle and strokes his leaf bones with fingers.)

Devon: I don't think so... we are safe and alone... this is our moment. Just you and me! (while he moves his body in slow movements up and down her relatively small body, he again smooches and kisses her neck and lips. Her maw stopped bleeding and Devon licks the rest of dry blood away. Then, he begins to suckle on his right finger and thump. Why he is holding his own weight with one hand, his other - now lubed - hand moves to her vagina. He carefully and teasingly rubs and massages her lower lips with his fingers and claws; eventually, he enters with one finger and performs some pumping motions again. As his fingers move inside and outside her body, so does he move over her body with his rough and horned chest.)

Syrana: (moans and arches her back from pleasure, which he gives her. Her fingers are clenching on his back with light grip, and she tries to wiggle in reflex; and in effect, she dances her with hips and rubs his cock with her belly.)

Devon: (groans and hisses.) Goooood… (both move a few minutes in this position, which gives so much pleasure and raises the desire even more. Devon can feel his blood pressure inside his member; his tip begins even to hurt a little from the heat which is caused by the rubbing.) I guess… we are… ready now. (the hand which played with her lower lips before, is now moving to Devon’s own genital. He grabs his hard and fully erected shaft with a tight grip and strokes himself a few times with pressure. All this happens with a rather “rhythmical” forward-backward-motion. Both bodies move and dwell in lust and desire. Finally, Devon’s places his member right before Syrana’s vagina. His tapered cock end presses against her entrance only for a moment, before he starts pushing himself downward at a slow rate. He only drives a few inches inside Syrana and stays there a few seconds – giving her time to get along with this new sensation.)

Syrana: (mews and hisses slightly deflecting her knees and trying to find base for her feet on the ground, and if she would put more strength in her hand grip then she would definitely stab through Devon’s scales and skin, and most of her leg and belly muscles are strangled.)

Devon: Oooh… yessssss… (saliva drops out of his mouth. With deep moans, he pushes even more of his hot pulsing manhood inside his beloved woman.) Aaaaaw… didn’t felt this for… ages. (he gasps and lets out a soft cry as his cock sinks deeper inside the Reptilian female and begins to spread her body open. His member is leaking now and some precum is leaving the red tip. The precum makes his movements much smoother and easier now. In addition to his previous lube, which he did with his tongue and fingers, he can now enter Syrana in easy and slight bobbing motions.)

Syrana: (moans louder and embraces his neck hiding nose in his arm and arching body even more, and tights her knees on his sides. Probably, she didn't lie when said that was never touched since she is tight in there.)

Devon: (his member leaks again. Devon groans low, but progressively louder, trying not to quiver at the feeling of spreading Syrana’s underused passageway. His length begins leaking its own pre almost at every new push. While he is doing this to Syrana, he raises his head, moans, and then suckles her neck and breast again. He can feel Syrana is tighten up her inner body in some reflex, which makes his movements a little bit slower but increases the pleasure. He stares at her, smiling wide with a soft pant as their hips meet again and again.)

Syrana: (purrs at him with grin of pleasure on her face and licks his lip, she elevates her hips little up and stabbed toe claws in the ground finding good base.)

Devon: (he is finally reaching his top speed. Eventually, he is able to shoot all of his huge member inside Syrana's body, which is no longer tights as before. Devon's precum and Syrana's sexual body fluids make the pumping so smooth, that Devon is working hard and fast now. Over and over again, he slams his hips against her body like a hammer on an anvil. He forges his sword of love with the fire of love and passion! This ultimate desire runs through both bodies, as they rock and move heavy and loud in the ground. Devon is screaming in pleasure.) Yessssss... yea... that is great... (he digs his hands inside the ground next to Syrana, as he hits her with some more force as passion goes on. The leaves and blankets are wrestling with each other; both Reptilians are panting hard.)

Syrana: (moans and pants strangling her whole body. As she cannot arc her spinal anymore, she raises her hips more up and hangs on Devon - embracing his neck. Her screams become more spasmodic and she throws her head back keeping his head and neck in her lap.)

Devon: (while reaching a high speed, his movements begin to become arrhythmic. Devon pushes and dives inside Syrana with all his power. He suckles at her throat and breathes hard against her chin, as he is losing even more saliva and warm breath. He clenches his eyes, tears are shooting out of them and running down his cheeks.) Oooooh… I am so close… (Syrana is literally “stabbed” on to his large member. While he is kinda holding her up, his tip kisses her soft and warm jelly insides again and again. The smell of her fluids and the feeling of her hot and pulsing passageway is driving him crazy and getting him to the edge of what he can take.)

Syrana: (cries out loudly as some unknown spasm runs down her spinal end and makes her body tremble, when it reaches the base of her tail, which wiggles spasmodically and curls - almost like a spring. For a moment, she entangles her arms tighter, and throws her hips up. She holds her breath.)

Devon: (when Syrana gets incredibly tight, Devon’s movements are much slower and harder to perform.) Arrrrggh… I can’t take it any longer… (Devon is able to do a few more pushes, as his climax triggers his long and hard orgasm. The final trust does it. His cocks erupts and sprays a large volume of cum deep inside Syrana’s body. The warm seed fills her up and leaves Devon with unspeakable pleasure and relief. He feels a cold and hot shiver running down his back at the same time. His muscles clench in reflex; leaving him to tremble. The shooting continues and with every heart beat of Devon’s rocking body, another splurt of thick and hot seed is leaving his body and enters Syrana’s. Finally, he unloads his very last shot with a feral war cry. He raises his head and screams to the air.)

Syrana: (catches that over and howls contently as well loosing her grip on his neck and loosening her thighs.)

Devon: (with Syrana’s first orgasm came a tight grip around his member, which makes it impossible for him to leave her body right now. So, he just falls at her side and rests on the ground – still attached to her body.) Hmmmmm… (he softly hums and moans. Soon, the blood from his member is leaving the shaft and returns to other parts of his body. As the cock is getting lighter and smaller, internal muscles begin to tie the penis back to it’s sheath. Devon still lays next to his goddess; breathing hard and softening her belly and legs. He kisses her again and smiles into her eyes.) Wonderful… my queen.

(Finally, both lovers can rest and sleep through the night. A new day in a new life awaits them.)