Devon is sitting on a chair in his room. It is already night and cold darkness is throwing it's protective cloak over the city Meru and the palace. The moons are shining bright through Devon's window. A reflection of the light hits his eye, when he moves the blade of his sword in the air. Devon goes on sharpening his weapon with visible love and care. He is whisteling something, he has heard a few days before in the streets. Suddenly, there is a knocking on his door.

Devon: (does not stop his activity.) Enter, please.

Syrana: (enters but stays in the door.) Devon, Sneferu wants to see you... now!

Devon: (sighs a little bit, since he would like to finish his work right now.) Hmmm... this is something urgent? (watches up from his sword and recognizes Syrana, who looks quite serious.) You don't want to come inside first?

Syrana: Yeah, it is pretty urgent...

Devon: (closes his eyes and puts his weapon on the blanket of his bed. He gets up from the chair, throws his cloak over his shoulder - since it got cold a bit - and turns to Syrana.) Alright then... let us go.

Syrana: Splendid... follow me then.

Devon: (takes her arm between his biceps and body and walks along her side.) You know what confuses me? It was just a few hours ago, that I have met with Sneferu. If it was something urgent to tell me, he could have done this then... but never mind. Maybe, it is something rather spontaneous. You have no clue, have you?

Syrana: It is spontaneous and I suppose this will force us to leave palace even tonight...

Devon: (shrugs a bit.) What? We have to leave? You don't want to tell me, that we are going to a battle or something similar... I am not quite prepared for this, you know? And... hmmmmm... a little bit tired from today's practise, as well.

Syrana: (turns head at him but is not stopping with walk.) You are grumbling like old croone... no, not the battle. (leads them to one of the towers.)

Devon: (watches the little fires in the wall of the tower, which are illuminating the stones in a magical way.) Well... if you say so. The point is just... for all the past weeks, I didn't had the feeling that Sneferu would be a person, who makes spontaneous decisions. It is not because of his age, oh no. I simply mean, that he always takes some time to think about a plan or decision. I didn't expect him to be other way... well, though I DID expect something else...

Syrana: Time for planning will be later... (opens the door on top of the watch tower and there is only Sneferu sitting and having few torches as company.)

Sneferu: That took long.

Devon: (pushes himself a little bit forward.) Apologies, Mylord. I was a little bit busy and... (watches down and up again.) I guess, I hurt my leg during the practise today. Cannot walk so quickly by now...

Sneferu: (measures him with eye sight which Devon never saw.) You want to prove yourself Devon?

Devon: (quite confused and surprised by this unexpected question.) Well... (watches Syrana and Sneferu again.) Do I have to prove myself? I will do what you expect of me but... I am not quite sure, what you could ask of me right now. Did something happen in the town or something else...?

Sneferu: I need some business to be done... as secretly as possible.

Devon: May I speak free?

Sneferu: Go on.

Devon: (takes a long breath.) How long am I here in Meru by now? Three months, right? Almost... and during that time, I did not expect anything of your lord but to appreciate my presence a little bit more. Well... (shakes his head.) I don't want hails or salutes... I just want... I would like to have the feeling, that you trust me as much as I do trust and serve you. So, in the end... (raises his head.) If there is something I can do for you to gain your trust and prove myself... I shall do so!

Sneferu: (smirks.) Splendid... sit down and listen... Just few hours ago, I received a report from our master spy that our enemy cached a trail of some sort of dangerous and powerful artefact object... this is not good, and can be bad for us if it falls in his hands. The mission is simple: you will accompany Syrana for the mission of recapturing or destroying that object...whatever, it cannot fall in improper hands!

Devon: If this... object is so dangerous and precious, why do we need to get it then? This could do us quite some harm, don't you think?

Sneferu: Yes... I saw such possibility as well... that's why I allow you to destroy it if necessary.

Devon: But you think, in the right hands this artefact will be a great help for our victory over our enemies?(scratches his chin and thinks.) I am quite familiar with the use of magical items... in the war, I have used Cyronite gems and many other crystals and potions to channel nature powers and cast some magic spells. Do you have any clue about the nature of this specific artefact?

Sneferu: We are not exactly sure of it...wisdom of it is gone from ages.

Devon: This is quite unfortunate... you don't have any scrolls or something else? If we do something wrong, that artefact could destroy Syrana and me in the attempt to obtain it, as well!

Sneferu: That's why you will also look at it with eye of experienced magic user... like you probably saw and learned, magic is really rare here, so it is a fortunate that I have you under my wing.

Devon: I appreciate this very much. (flattered by Sneferu's words. Bows his head to him.) I am in your service. If this object will be harmful, I should feel or at least notice it before... and don't mind: I won't put Syrana at risk there! If we fail, I shall make sure that nobody gets harmed and... that nobody gets the object, anyway!

Sneferu: (smirks even more and in the lights of torches he looks really scary.) I am really glad to hear that General... you better take good care of her or I won't be this nice as you know me...

Syrana: I can take care of myself.

Sneferu: Nobody asks you child!

Devon: (needs all his power not to smile about this situation. He stays serious.) Don't worry, Mylord. She is in safe hands... despite the fact, that even I have learned many new things from her - including self defence. (now, he smiles.) But alright. Do we need any preparation, or do you want us to go as soon as possible?

Sneferu: sooner you go the better... I want you to go now under the cover of the night...Syrani knows details.

Syrana: (pouts.)

Devon: Good. (wants to go but turns.) There is something, I might need in order to acquire this artefact... I need a bag made of leather and some fire stones.

Sneferu: You got it... go and take whatever you need most, rest is already prepared.

Devon: (bows to Sneferu and walks with Syrana.) Well, you know where we are heading, don't you? Is there any need for weapons?

Syrana: Most probably... we are going to wild lands.

Devon: (smiles.) Well, I knew it was good to sharpen my edge this evening... And we will go completely on our own?

Syrana: Yes... normally I am working myself.

Devon: (thinks.) So, you know where we are going... right? It is not a place completely foreign to you... or we would need a guide then.

Syrana: Totally foreign... but I am sure it is possible to get a guide there.

Devon: Alright... let me get my weapon and the other stuff I need first. (they walk to Devon's room again. There, he gets what he needs from a shelf and a suitcase.) Hehe... I knew, this one would come in handy. (shows Syrana a bag of leather.) See? This is not usual leather, but make of Mhobatak skin. It is highly resistible. (takes his sword and the bag.) But I need some stones to make fire... where can we get this?

Syrana: So basic things are already prepared, and don't take your clothing...we are going secretly and clothes for that are prepared as well.

Devon: (murrs a little bit.) Very well then... (takes off his cloak.) And I suppose, for food has been taken care of, as well?! (his belly grumbles a little.)

Syrana: Yes... just take weapon and what is really necessary... I must prepare myself, excuse me. (walks out.)

Devon: (is being left alone with his own thoughts.) Well, we shall see then... if I will finally be able to gain Sneferu's trust or not. That old man... never saw his eyes this serious look and lust for power. Of course, he cares for his city but... if this artefact is indeed too dangerous, we should destroy it. (packs his things.) Hmmmm... (holds.) Why should we... maybe, I will be able to control this artefact myself... yes! It will be a great help in my revenge on Xevon! (smiles with grief. But quickly passes that thought away.) No... it won't be right. Unfortunately, I have to submit myself under their rules. I am only one... and I will need them in time, as they need me here! (finishes his work and goes out of his room and walks down to the main hall, where he waits for Syrana.)

Syrana: (waits there already dressed in totally common clothes.) You ready?

Devon: (watches her.) You will have something of that fashion for me, as well?

Syrana: Sure... it is packed on the horse... come on then. (goes to stairs for servants and goes down to stables.)

Devon: (follows her.) How long will we be gone, you think?

Syrana: I don't know... few weeks, months? Maybe longer.

Devon: (sighs loudly.) You know what... that reminds me of the old days, when I was a recruit myself. It was the army of the great general Koloth and... well, I was a young man. Too lazy, sometimes. And then, out of the blue, we went on a trip which took 3 weeks. With limited supplies and weapons. And behind enemy lines! I can tell you about it in time, if ya like... (grins.) This story is quite a time filler.

Syrana: Sure why not. I like to listen to your stories... (pats a package on horse's side.) Here you find the cloths.

Devon: (smiles and checks out the clothing.) I see... is that typical male fashion? (gets it on.)

Syrana: Yes, we won't turn attention in that. (looks at him.) Not much at least...

Devon: (laughs.) Ha ha... I know, I am quite huge for you kind. (takes a cap.) But inside this, I look more like a huge, stupid weirdo. (smiles.) Well, this will most certainly not cause some attention. Hmmmm... not the worst fashion, anyway. (gets on his horse.)

Syrana: (chuckles.) Indeed... (rides the horse to back gate.)

Devon: I see, we have everything we need... (checks his baggage.) Alright! Let's go on a new mission! (rides behind Syrana, as they pass the main gate.)