After his meal, Devon leaves the dining room and prepares himself to reach the training room, where Syrana already trains and awaits him. It is not, that Devon had less appetite; he just ate less then usual, because of Syrana's last performance in the great hall. Slowly, he walks to the training room and makes up his mind.

Devon: (thinking.) Why did I agree to this... training with Syrana. Sure, she is a woman but... wow. I didn't expect her to be such a skilful fighter. She really got a style, I am not familiar with and maybe... she will even be more tough, than Urdia has been. Darn! (cursing, because of his weakness to underestimate his opponents at any time.)

(Devon leaves the safety of the palace and walks straight to the training room. It is rather easy to find, since he has been there a few times himself. After all, there are lots of signs and guards to ask. As he closes the room, he shakes his head again - feeling weird in his belly - and entering the room. He already heard training screams from the distance. He enters the building where training room is... it is not specially big, it has something like carpet on the floor and variety of weird training weapons on the wall where entrance is, and the door itself are covered with curtains. There are four people there, not including Syrana and three other Reptilian females which took one side of the building and perform sorta melee weird looking movements, which could be a fight, since they make lots of hand punching gestures. He also recognizes that those are servant women, and one which looks like the oldest is instructing two younger ones. Syrana in her corner does something like dance with fans and it looks way too far from a fight.)

Devon: (thinks and smiles.) Hmmm... maybe, that kick was just one lucky move... or it was something to scare others away. What she is doing right now, does not look much like fighting! (closes to Syrana.)

Syrana: (is not stopping but when he gets closer, immediately he has a open fan under his chin and he can even feel it on his neck, it looks scary.) So you decided to feed your curiosity?

Devon: (smiles and grins helplessly.) Hehe, well... I... hum, a nice fan you got. Awww, I... yes. I stick to my word... wanted to see what you are doing here and... eventually, joining ya. This is quite... (moves around her a little bit and tries to analyse her doing. He has his hands behind his back and walks nervous on his feet.) That is an interesting performance...

Syrana: (stops and hisses at the three to leave, and they do so immediately without word.) Thank you... but this is not only for watching you know.

Devon: (tries to keep the initiative and grins.) Well, I don't want to show you less respect but... (blinks with an eye.) This "jumping and moving around" is most definitely not useful for fighting. It looks nice, no doubt but... (moves behind here.) What if someone closes on you like this...

Syrana: (smirks and makes a really quick shake move with wrists, swings and stops fan millimetres from his neck.) Then he is dead before he blinks, specially when he underestimates his opponent! (with corner of his eye Devon can see blades on the edge of the fan.)

Devon: (touches the fan's edges and cuts himself in the finger.) Ouch... (suckles his blood.) Hmm... that is no usual fan, is it? How hideous...

Syrana: A fan like every other. (fans herself with it.) Just not everybody see a weapon where is beauty and elegance... don't you agree? (hides herself behind them so only eyes are above.)

Devon: (admires her with a warm smile.) Wow... I am pretty speechless. Beauty and death... what a combination! I never expected you to be... such a weapon in disguise. (laughs and becomes serious again.) You'd make a prefect assassin, ya know that?

Syrana: Is that a compliment? (throws fans somewhere on the side.)

Devon: (comes closer to her and opens his hands to get hers.) You can count on that! I am... positively surprised...

Syrana: You charmer... you are trying to avoid the subject.

Devon: Well... right. What I wanted to tell you… (breathes loud and long.) I guess, even in the next years... there’ll be many more surprises reserved for me! This is... quite something to look forward to, indeed! (smiles again.) A deadly, yet intriguing surprise, as well... do you think I could learn this, too?

Syrana: (moves back and looks at him from feet to head like she would be seeing him for the first time.) Everybody can if they want. (throws him a pole.) Try to hit me, and don't be afraid to do it...

Devon: Well, okay... you asked for it. But I tell ya... I might not be very flexible, but I put much strength in my moves! (grins, swings the staff a few times around his hips and above his head and strikes from above against Syrana.)

Syrana: (just strafes and waits for his next move on semi deflected knees.) Don't worry, I am not going to fight you back.

Devon: (tries to smile.) Ew... thank you. (grabs his staff tight and focuses her with great concentration.) How... did you do that? Well... with the next move I shall get you! (he performs a full circle, turns and swings the staff in the height of his hips - aiming her legs.)

Syrana: (turns with back on the incoming staff and makes a swing jump over it and lands on her hands then falls to crouch.) Put some more heart into it.

Devon: She is trying to mock me? (he thinks.) Arrgh... you are pretty fast. What about this? (he takes the staff in one hand and spins it like a windmill. Quickly, he changes his fighting hand over and over again; he spins his weapon in the left and right hand - rapidly changing. But it's no real effort. Devon leaps forward and to every side, trying to pinch and strike Syrana.)

Syrana: (ducks and avoids the staff like a dancing snake, and in some moment she didn't duck the coming hit - but came to meet the pole with her forearm and when she did, the staff breaks with a cracking sound and countless splinters are flying around.)

Devon: (holds now only half of the stick in his hand, which he watches with confusion and soon casts away that wooden piece.) Unbelievable… I mean… you are swift and strong! How… how did you do that? This was quite an interesting defensive technique.

Syrana: (puts her hand down and smirks.) Swift yes, strong? No... it is you who broke it.

Devon: (gazes at her.) Amazing. You used my strike somehow? And the best of all, I didn't get hurt! (laughs.)

Syrana: You would get hurt if I would want that. (chuckles.)

Devon: I have no doubt. Please... do you think, you could teach me? Wait, how did you do it... you stood like this... (tries to mime her movement with poor success.)

Syrana: Sure I can. But this takes really long time and I don't know how your patience reacts on this...

Devon: (smiles.) Well, do I have anything else to do here? Just try me...

Syrana: Good... we can start at sunrise then, tomorrow... what do you say?

Devon: As you wish, milady! (wants to gather the wooden splinters of his staff, but in the end he just leaves them.) I will go to the bibliotheca of the palace now... must still learn some more of your language. (blinks.) Where will I find you later?

Syrana: Ah, lurking around... like usual. But name time and place and I can be there.

Devon: Well, can I invite you to join me at the dinner? (smiles.) To be honest... I still feel more comfortable when you are around. And I have a good reason NOT to talk with some of the others then. (laughs.)

Syrana: With pleasure... we didn't had much occasions to talk in last times...

Devon: Yes, and I regret this... it has been so many new sensations here. And of course, all your people have been quite interested in me like I was in them! But I suppose, I am getting used to this place by now. And this is good, since I will have to fight for it!

(a short pause.)

Devon: (obviously happy.) Alright! I will wait before the dining room then... next to that unlucky headless stone figure. (laughs.) I shall now continue my "homework" again... (grumbles and smiles. He bows to Syrana, turns and leaves the room.)