The small army of Devon and Syrana are further travelling through KHALDOR and in the southern regions of that huge land. It is already getting warmer. After they have conquered a small camp of human robber, they have obtained additional wagons with weapons, supplies and food. The journey through this foreign lands goes on for many days, as they finally reach a the place called Meru and a river. The climate and surrounding environment changes rapidly from cold and dry to a green and living foretold of jungle. It is overall an oriental feeling. Previously, they walked along a constellation of mountains high above this jungle, so they were able to watch over the beautiful landscape. It is like a carpet of green and brown right after a grey and rocky surrounding. In the very far distance, they can see the shining tops of some towers. Finally, they enter the heart of nature.

Devon: This must it be… the place you’ve told me about. (gazes around and enjoys the vivid and green environment. Almost moved by this place, which reminds him of his own homelands. Some vine jungle is hanging around and touching Devon’s head. He feels nature and smells the plants.) And over there is that river! Very good, since we need to refill our water supplies. (coughs, because he got some plants and insects in his mouth from talking.)

Syrana: Beautiful isn't it? Yeah, that's the river Lmur, it will take us to the capital of Meru.

(The warriors seem to be really content for the sight of the river.)

Devon: (spits and shakes head.) Good. I guess, I need some water as well... got my mouth full of crappy... yuck. (breathes.) Okay, it's better now. Let's stop at the river... how far is Meru from here?

(The warriors are leading the horses down a paths leading into a forest.)

Devon: (follows the water with his eyes.) I see... we just need to follow that river. Very well... (closes to the small stream.)

(Suddenly, the warriors seem to be pretty excited with something, some of them seem to speak something like prayers under their noses.)

Devon: (confused, yet not very much since he is used to strange behaviour of his new warriors. He jumps off his horse and sits down at the river, washing his face and drinking. Then he watches the warriors and Syrana again.) What... are they doing?

(One part of the warriors are leading their horses to the river and keep an eye on them and the rest starts to undress themselves completely and walks into the river, while making arm gestures. They are scooping water in their hands and lifting them up - allowing water to fall on them. Then, they bend like bowing into something and then again the same still walking slowly forward.)

Devon: (still watches the bathing warriors with confusion and steps away from the river.) Well... I see, that our men are quite happy to have found water...

Syrana: (untights her kimono like a dress and chuckles.) Yes, they finally can wash their bodies and spirits… Lmur is a holy river.

Devon: Well, I guess that's it... (watches Syrana.) You are going to step inside that river, as well?

Syrana: How this looks like? Of course I do. (takes his hand and puts her belt into it, then takes off the dress with absolutely no shame and uses his forearm as a hanger for it.)

Devon: (watches her undressing herself. He stare at her with mixed feelings, since he never saw her naked before. He cannot help, but feeling very attracted and aroused by the flawless surface of her pale, shiny skin and her vivid breasts, which are full of life. Devon cannot guess her age, but he thinks she might be in the best years of her life. He looks up into the air and eventually tilts his head with a weird expression.) Eeehw... yes... I guess, this must be it... or... nice… I mean…

Syrana: You won't even guess how much so. (pats her clothing.) Just don't drop it. (turns around gracefully and walks to the river, her back is decorated with a huge tattoo of two feathery winged snakes entangled together in an ornamental way. Wings of the snakes are placed on her shoulder leaves so it is almost impression that they belong to her, and feathery tails of the snakes cover her buttocks. Untypical thing is also that between her shoulder leaves she has mini version of her head fan. Her arms and legs are not actually full of muscles like expected, but well build and trained.)

Devon: (watches her paralysed and feels the urge to jump into the water with her right now. But he holds himself and her dress tight and under control.) She is really some person. Worthy of being queen... (to himself. Then, he sits himself on a log and watches her in the river.)

(Nobody seems to turn attention that she is the only woman there, like it is absolutely normal. She performs exactly the same move ritual as the others going deeper and deeper into the water, also he spotted that after reaching some depth they all are making a dive and stay under water for few seconds and return on the beach and sit on the ground for a moment with closed eyes then they just dress up and change places with those who didn't took a bath yet.)

Devon: (feels very stupid right now, since he wants to adept to his new warrior's culture - but he is still sitting on the grass.) Well, whatever... (he thinks. He takes a blanket and places it on the ground. Syrana's dress is put on the blanket very carefully. Then, he takes off his own clothing and follows some of the remaining warriors into the water - performing the same ritual, which he has closely observed by now.)

Syrana: (spots him and stops for a moment smirking. Then continues on her doing. It also appears, that it caused some positive reactions amongst the warriors, who look content seeing Devon doing the same ritual. One even shows him exactly how to do it.)

Devon: (watches happily to Syrana, like child which just made it's first steps. Still a little bit insecure with the ritual, but most definitely refreshed by the water.) It is... not that difficult. And... (splashes water in his face.) after all that dust and insects, I needed that anyway. (laughs.)

Syrana: (puts a finger on her lips showing him to stay quiet and dives under the water, after some longer time she swims on the surface near the shore and walks out and sits on the ground.)

Devon: (shuts up immediately and walks like a wet poodle to the shore. As he wants to sit down, he spots that the warriors are always turning in the same direction, when washing themselves and then sitting on the stones. Still doesn’t say anything but just hums and enjoys the sunlight breaking through the leaves of the wood.)

Syrana: (gets up and goes to her clothing and when wanted to put on her dress, her dagger felt of from somewhere and clanged on the stones and felt between them. She looks around nervously.)

Devon: (seems not to have heard something. He still has his eyes closed, enjoying the sun. Then, he is just woken by her reaction.) Something wrong? You heard something? (looks around.) We are alone, aren't we?

Syrana: No, everything is fine. (puts on her dress rather careless and tries to reach the dagger between the stones.)

Devon: Good. (gets up, dresses himself and walks to his horse getting some food. He obtains a small piece of dry meat, eats it and starts to get his horse ready again.)

Syrana: (looks around and leans with her arm against the stone and pushes it of from it's position.)

Devon: (recognizes her movement.) Do you need assistance, Syrana? (wants to move away from his horse.)

Syrana: Huh? (manages to move the stone away and dives with her hand again between the rocks taking out shiny, pointy object and hides into her sleeve.) Not anymore.

Devon: (nods and jumps on his horse waiting for Syrana and the other warriors to do the same. After all are gathered and sitting on their rides, the small group takes off and leaves the river behind.)

(The small group of warriors is following the way of the river. After some hours of riding through the still very thick jungle, Devon starts to become nervous.)

Devon: (sits restless on his saddle.) Well… how long do we have to ride, until we reach that city you mentioned? I never sat so long on a horse back and… to be true, I am getting tired. On the beginning, I liked this environment very much now… well, even the animals seem to vanish more and more. I didn’t saw an animal for the last hour… are we there soon?

Syrana: you are grumbling like teeth less croone... you knew about it?

Devon: (tries to watch with anger at Syrana, but he's even too lazy for being sarcastic. He smiles shortly and sighs loud.) Yes... I know what you mean. But I got blisters on my butt, already! No, wait... even my blisters got blisters by now!

Syrana: Then why you don't walk on your feet, like most of the warriors? You are big and strong enough to stand this, aren’t you?

Devon: But if I walk, nobody would recognize that I am the general, right?

Syrana: (jumps from her horse without even stopping it and walks by herself.) And... ?

Devon: Okay, you asked for it my highness! (laughs and jumps from his horse and immediately steps inside something disgusting.) Eeeeeeeew... I don't... even want to know, what this is! (washes his feet in some clean grass nearby.) This place seems to hate me... but walking will do good for me, after all!

Syrana: Touching... you lead and command armies and you don't know what to do with yourself. (she has this style of walking, which could melt knees of stone statue.)

Devon: This is something different… (looks over his body and scratches himself on the back and on his legs.) Grrah... I dunno, what it is which is bothering me! Maybe, there was something in the water of that river, which I didn't took very well... or wait, that is it: insects! I got bites all over me... this is itching terribly!! (clenches his eyes.)

Syrana: (shakes with her head as she looks at him and starts to watch the surroundings.) Somehow, they don't like to bite us too much… you must have more tasty blood. Just go, I’ll be back in a moment. (turns around and goes to one of the wagons on the back.)

Devon: Alright. I will take care in the meantime… (discovers something out of his bag, which is hanging around his waist.) Good… fortunately, I took some of the healing paste with me, which your medic gave me. (rubs his neck and arm with the paste.) Hmmmmm… much better now. This stuff is excellent!

Syrana: (gets back with something, which looks like a bumped coconut and hands it to him.) Make a hole in it with a dagger and pour the juice on yourself, this will keep them away...

Devon: (does as she proposes.) Arrgh... this smells quite strong!! No miracle, that it'll keep them away from me... even I'd like to get away from myself now, as well. (laughs.) Alright... it's okay. Thank you.

Syrana: First rule of survival: know your surrounding and how you may use it for your advantage! You are not perfumed but it works, and you would be tastier for cannibals... (from the time they entered warmer lands she is more cheerful.) if we had ones.

Devon: (swiftly shows her his tongue and smiles again.) Very funny... but... (behind his back, he squished the fruit in his fist and quickly, he opens his hand right over Syrana's shoulder.) There you go! We want you to smell "tasty", as well! (covers her skin with the horrible juice.)

Syrana: (pretends that she wants to bite his hand; making him move it back. Then she licks the juice from her shoulder.) Very tasty, indeed.

Devon: (quite stunned, that she likes the juice and took the joke so nice. Licks his hand.) Hm, you are right indeed! It smells worse, than it tastes. (closes to her and licks along her shoulder and neck.) This is far MORE tasty... (grins.)

Syrana: (shivers slightly and smirks.) Of course it is, but you better be careful… (moves with her finger in front of his snout.) some roses have thorns.

Devon: (tilts his head like a shudder and watches her with gentle smile.) Well, this is how I like it most... (looks around and starts to walk at her side again. For some time, they just walk and say nothing.) Hm... tell me, how often have you been in these lands? How good do ya know this region and the people here?

Syrana: This is my homeland. I come from city of Meru... there are several tribe villages of Meru in those parts, mostly farmers and hunters under rule of ancient warlord Sneferu, head of the clan for 240 years.

Devon: (gets big eyes.) Alright... hmmmm! And you did all the long way up to the Northern Lands... and to Aktes, where you've found me. This we shall not forget! (scratches his chin.) You came quite around by now, I have to admit. I was travelling my lands in the past, as well... drawing maps and such. It was not only necessary for the war, but also a hobby of mine.

Syrana: I like to be outside... and my travel to northern lands was not accidental as well, I had to make alliance with those people and travel through DragonBack mountains was not included... it was safer and more economical to go around.

Devon: Well, this route was indeed more safe then going all through Aktes or my homeland Chron... (shakes this thoughts out of his head.) Never mind. I can't wait to reach your city! (watches up.) I suppose, we will soon reach our goal... the warriors on the top of our group are making signals...

Syrana: Yes... Meru is close! (a road leads clearing in the trees and they walk out from the forest. The road splits on two; one leads down the grassy hill under edge of the cliff and a bigger one goes to the right and leads down to the big and impressive city. There is big white palace structure in the edge of the river; it stands little higher than the buildings below and it is surrounded with a wall. Outside the wall is the city itself; lots of bigger and smaller houses made from light almost white stone with blue half rounded roofs. The whole city is surrounded with heavy wall, and even from here it is possible to see guards patrolling them. The road leads to the main gate and it passes through whole agglomeration.)

Devon: (gazes quite speechless and stunned over the city. He never saw such architecture and light colours. Used to rather dark and gloomy forests or caves, this bright city makes a real impression on him.) Amazing...

Syrana: You think so? (leads her "caravan" down the hill. In the meantime, she also puts a transparent veil on her face.)

Devon: (follows Syrana like a blind man. He simply can't get enough of this image. He is kinda soaking all the impressions inside his mind. Totally fascinated.)

Syrana: (spots him having jaw down and pulls it up with hand so he closes his mouth.) Eh... be careful, or you will swallow wild buffalo. (when they get near the walls guards are making local salutes to Syrana and she just puts hand up and leads the column to the city, and through it, Reptilian city residents are making place for them and step aside from the main road and just stare at them passing by and going into direction of the palace. They do are smaller then ordinary Reptilians but they are richer in colours and their clothing is more rainbow like, then Devon ever saw, also some females have veils on their faces made from transparent fabric or from strings of small marbles.)

Devon: (looks around and suddenly recognizes some females, who are wearing her breasts uncovered from any clothing. The smile at him and pass by, as if nothing happened. Devon stares, turns and gazes again.) What... is that? I mean... hey! I was used to have my servants going naked around in my lair but... here... they are... walking... (speechless.)

Syrana: You'll have to get used to that, it is nothing weird in nakedness here... (warriors split up in some moment and they went in other street near the palace walls. Only Syrana, Devon and a few soldiers higher in rank are going with them up the street to the inner wall entrance.)

Devon: (stares at the entrance.) This wall is definitely not easy to conquer... I wonder, if I'd have ever found this place myself in my lifetime. Most likely, not! A perfect strategic architecture, I can say... where are we going?

Syrana: To the palace of course... (the gate is already open and a guard who looks kinda important, bows in front of them and greets Syrana and the party, which accompanies her. Then they exchange a few sentences and some officers are walking after them, leaving Syrana and Devon, as the gate behind them closes. The wide road on which they are standing, leads between some small but elegant and nice looking houses and behind them is part of the garden and huge stairs leading to the palace.) Come on... (starts walking towards the stairs not even waiting for him.)

Devon: She really was homesick, I suppose. (he thinks.) Hey, not so fast young blood! (runs after her; almost incapable of following. After many steps - he was not able to count them - Devon reaches the main entrance of the palace. He stops and gazes inside the hall.) And I thought, the palace was impressive from the outside... this is just... amazing! (reaches Syrana and takes her hand.)

Syrana: Please… (gently releases her hand from his grip and puts hand up at the guards who saluted to her with high respect. There are lots of them here, also the servants pass by from time to time. Two figures appear in door in front of them; one young Reptilian dressed in impressive light armour and one very old and cranky, ancient looking blue Reptilian dressed in long ornamental cloth - his figure even if hunchbacked and bearing beautifully crafted walking stick, causes respect with some charismatically aura. Syrana walks few more steps and then kneels and puts her head on the floor in front of the old Reptilian and speaks words of greeting.)

Ancient: (hits few times on the floor with his walking stick, like being a little bit angry; but a smile is blooming on his half teeth less face, and he just walks cheerfully to Syrana speaking something about being really happy. When she stands up, he hugs her protective and after this greeting, he asks something pointing with his stick at Devon.)

Devon: (makes a deep bow, like he did in the village of the Northern people. He is not sure, if this will be accepted here, but with nothing to do better he tries this move. Then, he looks over to Syrana - like begging for help, since he didn't understand a word.)

Syrana: (the ancient keeps her under the arm as she leads him closer to Devon talking something and mentioning his name, old one just smiled and walked closer and putted fingers on Devon's forehead.) You can stand up now Devon... that's his highness Sneferu and he accepts you here.

Devon: (gets up again. Once more, he holds one hand behind his back; the other one in front of his chest. He performs a small bow again and watches the ancient seriously into the eyes. He talks to the ancient, but assumes that Syrana will have to translate it again.) I am honoured, your highness. I am Devon Krooth, Lord of Chron. I would like to thank you and Syrana again, that you let me visit this wonderful city.

Sneferu: (his eyes could almost cut through metal, but in same way there is something gentle in them, nevertheless underestimating the owner of such eyes may be a mistake. He listens to Devon carefully with a smile on his face, then speaks with strong accent before Syrana manages to open her mouth.) No need to thank us, we are glad that you managed to come and Syrana to return.

Syrana: (makes kinda big eyes; apparently she didn't expect that.)

Devon: (surprised as well, but he does not show it. He smiles and goes on talking very easy understandable and slow. He want the Sneferu to understand him at the first time.) I can only thank Syrana more then anyone. If it wouldn't be for her, I won't be here after all. She saved my life. And it is completely her doing, that we are save and well in this palace.

Sneferu: She knows how to take care of situation. (pats Syrana's cheek like she would be a small kid.) Good, that she has this after her grandmother... (turns around and speaks something to a Reptilian warrior, who just bowed and came through the door quickly.) Come on kids, you must be tired after the road and hungry too... (speaks something to Syrana and pokes her in the leg with walking stick to rush her to walking; apparently, he sees fun in treating her like a child.)

Syrana: (has a face expression like being slightly embarrassed.)

Devon: (watches him and Syrana quite amused, but not with less respect.) Well, I can only thank you again for your generous invitation. (follows both quickly.) I am not sure, if my people would let foreigners to their city in these hard times… alright. By the way, forgive me, if I am acting weird or… well, I have never been in this part of the world and… I am quite not familiar with all your customs.

Sneferu: I know, how you act there on the west… was there and saw on my eyes. (turns back at him while walking.) Normally, we are not that trustful, but Syrani told us that she will bring person, who is worth of that… and who will make our armies victorious.

Syrana: (leads them to a room with a large low table and cushions in places of chairs.)

Devon: Yes, this is correct. I already had a small opportunity, to lead a few of her men to a nice victory. (blinks to Syrana.) But it's not worth to mention it... more important is the question: who is threatening you? Why do you need me leading your armies and... against who? I have seen little signs of war here...

Sneferu: You will know everything in proper time. Flame of war is far from our prevention now, it is getting close... (sits at top of the table, and like from underground Reptilian warrior appears and stands next to his sitting place almost like a statue, Sneferu looks at him.) This is one of my side guards Almurei... (he bows slightly and returns to his standing duties.)

Syrana: (smirks when he blinks at her; stands and wait for Sneferu to sit. Then takes place behind the table.)

Devon: (watches Almurei with appreciation.) I could need such bodyguard, as well. (to himself.) Thank you. (he takes place next to Syrana, where she points him to sit down. It is a little bit low and Devon has a few problem in bending his huge thighs together. Finally, he succeeds and sits happily on the cushion. His hands are resting on his legs.)

Sneferu: (starts to talk with Syrana, and from what Devon understands by catching up single words, he asks about the journey overall.)

(A few female servants dressed only in hip clothing, appear and bring dishes with nice smelling, exotic looking food of few kinds.)

Devon: (was watching Syrana and Sneferu until the females entered. He turns his head, tries to hold himself from gasping out of appreciation and stares serious looking on the delicious plates and the food, which is being served soon. Devon breathes the smell through his nostrils.) Awww... I have no clue, what this is - but it smells great! (smiles and controls his urge just to grab the food and swallow it; he will wait until he is allowed to eat.)

Servants: (they put the dishes on the table. Some of them have covered faces; then they bow deeply and walk backwards to the doors.)

Sneferu: Please, eat... (takes the plate, which was brought to him and puts softer pieces on it.)

Syrana: (puts delicacies on her plate and puts her veil up on her snout, then puts rings with needle looking spikes on them and uses them like dish tools. Sneferu does the same.)

Devon: (does not need a second invitation. He takes a queer looking fork and stabs it into something, which looks and smells like meat to him. He also takes some fruits, which he already knows from the jungle. Devon smells on the meat and without hesitation, he puts it in his mouth. The flesh is really soft, tasty and sweet.) Delicious! (lowers his head a few times to show appreciation. Then, he turns to Syrana.) Hmm... I see, you also have these vegetables again, which we caught from the humans...

Syrana: Yes... I told you, they are tasty. (takes a chalice which is smaller and lighter than those, which Sneferu and Devon have and drinks from it.) I hope you won't get sick from the spices...

Devon: (watches the yellow vegetable with mixed feelings. Then puts one in his mouth.) Hm, great! It is weird, how something can looks so horrible and taste so good in the end. When it’s well done, of course. (then, he adds some of the strong smelling spices to it and eats another piece.) Hmm… hooooo! (coughs.) It is… quite good… (tears are shooting in his eyes. Quickly, he takes his own drink and empties the cup with one swallow.) Wow… not used… very strong!

Syrana: (chuckles and finishes her eating.) That helps to keep everybody in bad moods...

Sneferu: It is good that kitche master is not hearing your words, girl. (takes a chalice in his hand.) So… what is happening in the west now? Haven’t been there in 150 years... beautiful countries, but too many humans for my taste…

Devon: (a slight expression of grim appears on his face.) Yes... too many of those pink creatures. Scrawny, worthless, disgusting... (watches Syrana and stops calling bad names.) sorry. Well, it looks bad for our people in the west. For many years, we are now fighting the humans to regain our glory and lands. But with that new king of Aktes, fortune surely left us. And worst of all, we lose in both ways... few of my people just die in battle - the others are joining that king. If you ask me, the second decision is worse than death! And the countries would be far more colourful and glamorous, without the humans roaming over it! (sighs.)

Sneferu: (smirks contently.) There is no place for humans in Meru, unless you are a slave of course... sad times for your lands then. (snorts.) If I only would be younger... (looks at Syrana.) But I am not and must leave that deal to youngsters. Battle is not a game for such old coot like myself... feeling weight of the steel in hand - that would be something! But no, for rotten mushroom like me, is only piece of wood now. (pokes his walking stick with elbow and puts another piece of meat into his mouth.)

Devon: (pities Sneferu.) I am sure, you have been a great warrior and leader once… but if your people are only half as skilled as Syrana, you won’t have to worry anything. (drinks after he salutes with the cup to both of them.) Anyway… I see, the “Great War” has not found it’s way to this place by now… I didn’t had this luck. My race is facing extinction in the west… curse it! Well… let’s all hope, the humans won’t find their ways to here. And if they will, we will be prepared for them!

Sneferu: You bet! (squeezes his walking stick like this was a spear.) No dirty human foot shall stand on our land, once we finish with them in our provinces...

Syrana: (speaks something to Sneferu, then he looks at her and stops his excitation.)

Devon: (smiles gently.) Well, yes... right this way. (finishes his meal.) Hmmm... but tell me, please... do you have the need for an army ready for battle? I mean, I could use YOUR support in my land even more! We are at war... we have limited resources and poorly trained warriors. But you... well, why I am here? Just in case, the humans could invade here?

Sneferu: Syrani brought you to lead armies on our enemies here and I trust with her judgment about you... I doubt, that I will live enough to see end of this war, but I would gladly go and wipe humans from every place possible... they are pests and pests should be exterminated!

Devon: (quickly and quite nervous.) Yes, of course! I agree with you. But... (watches around and lowers his voice. He doesn't want anyone else to hear him, in order to prevent possible panic.) so... you have enemies, as well? I didn't thought this way, when I entered your city. This land seems all so calm and peaceful... (remembers the human camp.) okay, you have some human scavengers around here. Are they your only problem?

Sneferu: Like I told you son, flame of war didn't reach my lands… but we have traitors right in our next province... human influence goes far and farer in our direction, and they have well trained armies. If we don't react, we shall suffer the fate of your homelands, and this must be avoided.

Devon: (finally understands.) We shall cleanse your places, which are polluted by human scum! We will get rid of them... like cutting out a bad piece of flesh of a body. (grins quite evil and satisfied with his metaphor.) So... the humans already DID find their way to your lands. This is quite alarming, I can say. They are more tough and nasty, then Krallion Rats! But I will support you.

Sneferu: Actually, they are “our” humans - they come from south east... but this is not the talk for now, we are still waiting for emissary from two clans. When they come, all situation will be revealed... (puts hand on his walking stick and Almurei helps him to stand up.) I advice you to take a bath and then rest, Syrani will show you where you shall stay...

Syrana: (bows her head at Sneferu and waits for him to go out.)

Devon: (bows to Sneferu and watches Syrana. He starts talking to her, when Sneferu is out of the room. He smirks a bit.) Well... I have respect for the old people but... he is really weird. But he's a nice ancient guy. And why does he treat you like you'd be his daughter or something...?

Syrana: (stands up smiling.) Because he is my great grandfather... he needs attention in his last years.

Devon: (laughs.) Okay, that's why! I understand.

Syrana: Yeah… and if I could ask you not to cause him going so excited, please. This is not doing him good...

Devon: I shall keep that in mind. (laughs again.) Okay... but he is right, anyway. I need a bath... (smells on his arm.) Yuck... sure. And a rest would be nice, as well... where are my quarters?

Syrana: There are some and I’ll show you (servants appear and start to clean up, as Syrana goes through the same door as Sneferu went.)

Devon: (cannot hold himself of watching after the servants one more time and follows Syrana through the corridors of the palace.) This palace is really huge… it must be capable of giving home to hundreds of people!

Syrana: Sneferu likes extravagancy. It is partially in human style and build with hands of human slaves... he build this as a symbol of his victory over humans in this parts and as a wedding gift for my grandmother over 170 years ago... the whole royal family lives here along with servants, palace guards and noble guests. It is usually more crowded in the morning... (sighs.) Nothing changed, except of amount of royal family members... (leads him upstairs.)

Devon: (moves head in admiration.) Hm, very nice! Cheap workers, I can say… humans might not be so long living like us, and they are not strong like us, but… they do quite some architecture. When I was trying to conquer Xevon’s castle Riverstone, I had quite problems to surpass even the first wall of defence. (looks over the cities wall.) This perimeter is quite capable of providing protection, as well! (follows her.) And I don’t mind the lack of people here… usually, big crowds make me nervous.

Syrana: Well, by more crowded I mean, that you will see somebody passing by more often then now... (as they passes near some figure representing six armed Reptilian, she turns around and stops him with a hand gesture.)

Devon: What is this? Why do we stop here... (watches the statue.) Hm, impressive most definitely. Is this… your god?

Syrana: This is a statue of Akba, and there is one thing to remember in your case, because you are so tall. (points at the statue.) If you ever see this while walking and your head is higher then his, bend over and walk under his eye sight!

Devon: (closes one eye and focuses the figure. He watches Syrana, and then the statue of Akba again. Shakes his head slightly and bends down a little, so that his height is lower than the statue.) Alright... I know, that I'm quite an impressive specimen. (smiles.) But I shall honour your rules. (bends again and passes by.)

Syrana: Good, you must get in fit because we like our traditions. And we have respect to them... (they pass one more staircase and she stops in front of a decorative door.) This is where you shall stay, servants will bring your stuff soon.

Devon: (opens the door and finds a very comfortable sleeping room. The furniture and choice of cloth is similar to the rest of the palace rooms. There are also small cushions on the floor and around the bed, which seems to be more like a very big cushion. There are silk veils hanging from the ceiling around the bed. There are also some white columns in the room. The afternoon sun, which is already beginning to sink, is shining warm through the window. Devon turns to Syrana.) Thank you... I shall wait for your servants and... (yawns.) take a rest quite soon.

Syrana: Do so. I bet that so much new things may be tiring even for such giant...

Devon: (smiles and enters the room. He lets himself fall on the bed for a brief time and soaks the air.) Awww... indeed. We shall see each other tomorrow again. Good night.

Syrana: Sleep well then. (makes a slight wave with her hand at him and closes the door.)