Chapter One: Journey to Rulus

“So it’s that time again?” Roxas asked as he watched me pack my travel bag.

“Yeah, thought I’d try a new world to visit” I said as I continued to pack. After my last few endeavors to other worlds, I found a way to control where my portals could go without seeing where I was going to travel.

A rather simple method once I learned of which consisted of memorizing the co-ordinates of a world that I wanted to go to and then just creating a portal whilst thinking those co-ordinates.

While the process of getting there was rather simple, the getting back part wasn't. For once I had arrived in an unknown world, the only way that I could go back to my world was to open the gate that existed for that particular world. While yes, it was an annoyance, I found it a small price to pay for a chance to have new adventures, and chances to make new friends.

“After all the new worlds you went to, I suppose it would be safe to call you somewhat of an interstellar traveler” Roxas remarked to which I just laughed. Heh, it was true that I had become somewhat of an adventurer than just a traveling warrior, for most times, I wasn't really in it to hone my skills, but just to get out and see what's out there more than anything.

Another thing I had found interesting about the worlds I had traveled to was that the flow of time was different. In some cases, one day in one world only equaled one hour, or even one minutes in our world, which I found somewhat convenient for at least I wouldn't lose out on much back in my world.

“Well just don't get careless okay?” Roxas warned me.

“Don't worry, I'll be fine” I assured him.

“Well just as long as you're sure” Roxas said to me as he walked downstairs and out of the house.

I sat at my computer as I typed in the co-ordinates of the world that I was going to. There wasn't much to see since no one had been there before to record such information on the world. What information I was able to scavenge was that the world's name was Rulus, the worlds architecture seemed to be of medieval standard and that there existed other humanoid forms than just humans themselves.

“Not much to go on but meh” I thought to myself as I stood up and summoned Absolution. “Ready?” I asked him.

“Whenever you are” Absolution replied.

I took a deep breath and thought about the co-ordinates hard as I swung Absolution downwards. And there was the portal that would lead me to this world 'Rulus'. I grabbed my travel bag as I faced the portal, I had taken care of most other things that I would need to for at least the next week, so at least my conscience was clear of any worries.

I took a few steps back and assured myself that there was nothing to fear as I sometimes got nervous about visiting new worlds. I took a good run up and dived into the portal as I let sleep take over me as is what usually happened when I used a portal to another world.

Moments seemed to pass as I finally awoke from my light sleep. I found myself to be in a small clearing surrounded by a large forest. “Well here I am” I thought to myself as I stood up, I took a good look at my surroundings before looking up and according to this world's time, it was almost sunset despite being just after midday in my world.

I started the hectic task of trying to get through the forest as I needed to find a town if I was to find any accommodation rather than gamble my luck camping here, not knowing what was in these woods. An hour seemed to go by as I traversed the seemingly endless forest until I saw the orange of the sunset which I knew should be the way out.

I finally got out as I finally was able to get a better look at this world than before, there was an open plain with a long dirt road trailing down it. There was a sun seen just beyond the horizon as it sank slowly behind the hills which meant that I should find a town soon if I was to find somewhere to stay for the night, rather than take my chances camping out considering that I didn't know anything about the wildlife that existed in this world.

Taking this into account, I started to head down the dirt road as nighttime kept creeping up ever so more with every step that I took. I was finally able to see torches that outlined a city, and picked up the pace since night was already upon me and I didn't want to be caught out by some vicious nocturnal creature. I probably had the means to fend them off, but I honestly didn't want to waste my energy on meaningless battles.

After about 5 more minutes of walking, I finally reached the gates as one of the gates guards approached me.

“You there!” he called.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Whats with the crazy get up?” he asked, obviously noting my traveling/battle outfit.

“Nothing sir, it's just the way I like to dress” I told him.

“Uh huh, and where'd you get it from?” he asked again.

“A friend made it for me” I said, hoping that he would believe me.

“Hmmm, who are you?”

“Draco Carvhall sir”

“And what part of Rulus do you come from?”

I was in kind of a tight spot, but I thought of an explanation that I thought might convince the guard enough.

“I don't really come from any part, I'm a traveler you see, I don't tend to stay in any one part for too long”

“And what are you traveling for?” he asked, as I started to get annoyed by the long line of questions.

“I'm exploring this land, as well as honing my battle skills”

“You're a warrior?” he asked.

“I prefer the term 'Adventurer' personally”

“Right... and what is your purpose for coming to Couvrant?”

“As I said, I'm traveling, and I'm looking for a place to stay for the night to save myself from having to camp tonight”

“...very well, I believe you” he said as he went to tell the other guards to open the gates”

I let out a sigh of relief, but not so much that I would look anymore suspicious as I was suspicious enough as it is considering that I wore clothes that didn't even exist here and I didn't want to risk creating a nuisance since I wanted to keep things running smoothly as I could whilst here.

The guard came back and looked at me again one last time before saying “Okay Draco, there's two taverns in town that you could stay at, The Black Cat and the Northern Street, you should be able to find them yourself”

“Thank you sir”

“Yeah, yeah, just get a move on, it's almost the end of my shift,” he said as he went back to his post.

I took the chance as I walked into the city. Looking around, I did indeed see that the city's architecture was indeed of Medieval standard. “This will be an interesting adventure” I thought as I started to walk around town, trying to find the taverns that the guard told me about. Eventually I was able to find one of them, it seems liked a rather up class kind of tavern as I looked to the sign above the doors and saw the words “The Northern Street” written on it.

“At least I found one” I said as I walked in and saw that, indeed the place was more for the upper class citizens than anything. Walking towards the front counter, I got a few unusual looks from the people there, but I just ignored this as I made it to the counter.

“Can I help you sir?” the bartender asked me.

“Can I have a room for the night?” I asked him

“Would you like dinner and breakfast with that?”

I thought for a second, then said “Yeah, why not?”

“Very well sir, that will be 20 gold” he said to me.

Usually this would be the point where I would say “Oh damn, I forgot they don't use Munny here!” but not this time. The reason is that a good friend of mine named Mega, is an inventor and also a medic, so he usually comes up with a few good inventions that are convenient to use. One such invention he was able to make was a universal currency converter, this meant that I could convert my munny to gold and upon returning, gold back to munny, one of the most ingenious inventions he's made yet in my opinion.

I pulled out a pouch of money and handed him 20 gold. “Very well sir, dinner will be up in a moment,” he said as he took the gold.

He handed me a key and I walked upstairs to my designated room, the inside was very lush considering the fact that everything was of medieval standard. Once dinner came, I ate my fill of it and went to sleep, but one thing troubled me, they said there was humanoid creatures here besides humans, but where were they?

I shrugged it off and thought that maybe this city on consisted of only humans. I assured myself that I might encounter some on the way to the other parts of this world 'Rulus' and finally fell asleep.

Meanwhile at Couvrant Castle...

An upper class man walked into a rather large throne room where he walked down a bit an kneeled down before saying “My Lord...”

At the other end of the throne room a red weredragon sat on the throne, he opened his eyes and said “Khalagh, anything new to report?”

“Nothing particularly Lord Groul, but we have received reports of a strangely dressed teenager who is currently staying in the Northern Street Tavern”

“And whats so strange about him?” Groul asked.

“His clothing is unlike anything we've seen, the design is unique, and I have yet to find any word of a tailor who creates this kind of clothing” Khalagh replied.

Groul sighed and said “And your point is?”

“I believe this teenager may be up to something, I request your permission to bring him in for questioning”

“If you must, but I'll do the questioning, because I just want to see what the deal with this kid is and why you tell me this at this late at night” Groul said annoyed

“Yes my Lord” Khalagh replied as he walked out of the room.

His face turned to a sneer as he muttered, “I'll make sure to beat Dugan and then I’ll have that throne yet Groul...”