Reptile Cynrik: FACTS

REPTILE is the first Reptilian ever to be knightened by the former king Xevon. Prior to that, he lived in a cave nearby the main capital or AKTES (the land, which Xevon used to rule - now, it is his son Kyle who is the new king)!
Reptile was born in the Reptilian homeland CHRON. His mother died after his birth and his father was banned to exile by queen Valeris (because he became romantically involved with a human girl)!
After Cynrik (Reptile's father) has been killed by the evil lord Devon, Reptile had to live his life alone and in darkness. He didn't have a lot of friends and his life was a very isolated one.
When Reptile saved Xevon's life once, they became friends and Xevon invited Reptile to live at castle Riverstone at the king's court.
After many years and wars, Reptile returned to his homelands to eventually become the KING of CHRON.

Reptile is honest, a little bit naive, a little bit slow minded and a great warrior. And he has got a dark - yet lovely - kind of humour. He loves life, good food (specially candy), sports, weapon training, long sleep, he likes to swim and he likes to take long walks. Reptile does not like MATH very much. Shortly after he took Xevon's offer to remain at the king's side, he was pushed into school! He had never visited a school... and that was quite a tough time. He is not stupid - just a little bit slow. And he is very good in poetry and writing, after all!

Reptile is married to Valeris, queen of the Reptilian homeland CHRON.

Reptile currently serves King Kyle (his human "brother") and fights in the Aktesian army against the Barbarian hordes from the far Eastern lands. In fact, all the latest artworks are about this new war!

While fighting in the Aktesian army, Reptile has to wear some more clothing than before... he's wearing the latest "battle armor" specially designed for him. The underwear, a japanese-style fundoshi, is the standard issue for all males and females in the Aktesian army.