The Heat Of The Meat - Reptile's Thong Exhibition Contest

Reptile felt the snug latches of the obsidian black thong arc into his scaly flesh, the smooth fibers of his scaled-skin were allowing the straps of the thong to sit comfortably without any chafing. Tonight was the NIGHT... the big THONG competition in his hometown. Nothing was going to stop him from competing, not even that dasterdly Devon, who no doubt had already wooed the audience with his impeccable anatomical proportions and stylish personalized thongs of his own. Reptile was not about to take things laying down. He waltzed over to the mirror, taking note at how easily his flesh dragon was sitting inside of the thong's velvety cloth. "Feels like he's floating on air..." Reptile thought to himself. He put his hand on this left hip (shown as right in the mirror). The crevice between his abdominal muscles was showing in a subtle manner in the center of his stomach. The complete lack of any fat was a big part of his appeal, and he knew it. He reviewed the cotton fibers as the stitching point in the center of the fabric felt firm and tense along his dragon. He held his body with the confidence of a victorious warrior chieftain, smugly looking at his gorgeous reflection.

Of course, Reptile had to check his back before stepping out into the limelight of the arena. With the raging winds of a tropical cyclone, he turned his body with ravenous delight. The curvature of his gluteus muscles commanded attention, sending him into an erotic mindset. "Better not allow the dragon to become erect, that could complicate my performance on stage.." he considered to himself. He reviewed his hamstrings and lower legs, finding the taught flesh begging to be smacked and worshiped. The smooth ranks of his body shone with the burning passion of unbridled enthusiasm. He marveled at his own reflection, the strap of the thong very casually caressing in inner buttocks. The sensation of feeling liberated, unconfined and immersed in his own natural beauty was causing an appetite for more. Reptile was nearly addicted to the sight of his eloquent yet rugged lizard warrior body, but he knew he had a show to perform!

At the last possible moment, Reptile decided to change into a white strap thong. The wider coverage of the flesh dragon may be necessary, as the monster was getting too heavy to handle in the more fragile and thinner black thong. "The judges will notice that kind of thing." he muttered to himself as he changed equipment. The brilliant alabaster fabric shone with the reflection of a snowy mountain, where his flesh dragon was sleeping beneath. Subtle bulges of his own were popping up while he was flexing, his chest muscles especially casting dark shadowy arcs of shrouded fog along the rest of his viridian green cliff-scape of a body. The dragon was stirring in it's slumber, pushing and proding the white cloth into a prominent sexual hump. "I'll get huge points for this, haha." Reptile mused, laughing to himself.

Suddenly, and without warning, the curtains to the waiting area FLEW open. Reptile stepped on stage, thousands of onlookers in the audience began to cheer. Their main attraction had arrived. Reptile's body was the crown jewel of his home town, and his white thong begged for attention. Reptile leaned his body on the pole in the center of the stage, pivoting his body with an arc that caused his dragon to show it's eggs in the skin pouch beneath. Both men and women in the audience were screaming, howling, BEGGING to see more. Reptile smiled and put his hand on his left leg, carefully tracing his delectable gorgeous scales with his fingers and thumb. The silvery green sheen that was emitting from his skin was casting sparks and slivers of light into the crowd, as they 'oooooed' and 'aaaaaed' every few moments. Reptile knew he was dominating the audience and he LOVED every waking second of it. It almost felt like a dream, and this was his natural element.

"I know just the thing...." Reptile stated internally. He reached down with his masculine hands and draped his thumb over the spandex waistband to his white thong. He pulled it away gentley, slowly, as to build suspence. The entire front row of the crowd began SCREAMING, chanting, over and over... "REPTILE! REPTILE! REPTILE!" Gentlemen and ladies alike were shouting themselves hoarse, their faces beet red with constant yelling and hooting. Reptile basked in the glory as he would the sun on a cloudy day. This was where he belonged. He put his left leg forward, shaking and twirling his massive quadriceps as they quivered and flowed along his mighty skeleton. The scales of his armor were scintillating in the spotlight as his powerful leg muscles did the talking. Many in the audience began to faint, unable to contain and process the godly display of beauty they were witnessing.

"Now it's time for the flying crane pose." Reptile thought to himself. He rose his bulging arms into the air, exposing his underarms and latisimuss dorsi muscles to the audience. His dragon moved ever so slightly, possibly in response to the steaming enthusiasm from the audience. Thinking and feeling, it was an entity all to itself. Reptile thrust his heavily muscled stomach out, forcing the onlooking clientele of the theater to gasp in disbelief, choking back tears of happiness. Standing on one leg, he whirled around, pirouetting his way across the stage. None of the spectators could hold back the hunger to follow his every movement, around and around, twirling the night around his midsection. The white linens that made up his thong were being dragged by the centrifugal force, the conversation of angular momentum. For the briefest of moments, Reptile's dragon showed hints of it's flesh. Bystanders to the front part of the stage began losing consciousness as the tantalizing smell of vanilla and basil filled the air from the dragon's hide.

Soaring into the air, Reptile's sturdy rib cage slowly protruded through his viridian skin. Filling the sky with his presence, his upraised arms came down suddenly and he pivoted into a cartwheel. The sheer natural acrobatics of his fluid movements were causing people in the theater to leap out of their seats, hollering and whooping as offerings of approval and encouragement. The heavy lights from the top of the auditorium shone down on Reptile's albescent thong, and the side of his body. Seemingly immersed in a heavenly sunlight, many members of the public were blacking out left and right, leaving pale bodies, still barely breathing, on the floor. Reptile noticed that it was becoming clear that there would be nobody left standing in the viewership if he kept dancing and contorting his body in these gloriously empyrean movements. "Bare witness to my glory! DRINK in my form!" He casually surmised to himself.

Reptile knew the only way to deliver the final knockout was to show his famous BUTT, his favorite part in all anatomy. Reaching for the sky while approaching the ultimate crescendo, he coiled his backside forward, and flexed his gluteus muscles in a divine CLENCHING motion. The few members of the attentive assembly still left remaining seemed to choke on the air around them, unable to both breathe and continue to watch the divine mastery of anatomical perfection unfolding before them. Slowly but surely, they had ALL hit the floor. The entire collection of witnesses and followers to the show had passed out cold on the floor. Reptile noticed even the judges were sprawled out, gasping to breath, rolling around on the floor, their minds unable to comprehend what they had just witnessed. The white glossy gabardine fitting around his groin and legs began to shine and glow, pulsating like a quasar in the night sky. The thong had become self-aware, fueled into consciousness by the veracity of Reptile's performance. The two of them had become a single creature, unable to perform without the other. Reptile mulled over in his mind the future of this companionship, and decided it was only the beginning of his long career with this particular girdle. Reptile descended the stairs to the stage, stepping over bodies as he left the main concert hall, secure in the knowledge that his win was carved in stone. He could feel the oscillating maw of his flesh dragon pleading for his attention, to be unlocked and released from the sentient white thong. Swerving his hips, he walked with a SWISH SWISH, swashbuckling the night air with his naked hips, as he disappeared into the warm midnight horizon.