Mega Man Chronicles (Part I)

Story 1 “Reptile Planet, Rulus”

Mega Man, the Blue Bomber, walked cautiously in the new unknown world he had been transported thanks to the mishap of Dr. Wily’s Robot Masters. They had been trying to steal a Dimensional Field Generator, a new invention of one of the city’s most brilliant minds (well, other than Dr. Light), Dr. Trevor Carrista. Dr. Wily, as usual, was planning on stealing the scientific breakthrough and using it in his nefarious schemes. During the attack, the machine was activated and a portal to a new world was created. Metal Man tried to hit Mega Man with his Metal Blade, but the Blue Bomber jumped backward to evade it…right into the portal. Metal Man’s stray Metal Blade had then careened into the Dimensional Field Generator, damaging it and sealing Mega Man in the new world. Now he had been stranded in a new world, and hoped Dr. Light and the other scientists could repair the DFG in time. With Mega Man gone, Dr. Wily would have free reign to do whatever he wanted.

The new world he had been brought to was hot and had lush jungles covering it for miles. He wondered what planet, or dimension for that matter, he was in. He pressed the button on his buster arm, picking up several life form readings. He didn’t know who or what lived on this strange new planet, so he had to exercise caution.

“I just hope I don’t have to use this.” Mega Man said innocently, putting his hand on his buster arm. He continued to look around, hoping to stumble upon some form of civilization somewhere amidst the jungles. His sensitive robotic ears had picked up sounds quite a few times, but he figured they were made by some small animals or some such. Another sound made itself clear, alerting the Blue Bomber. This time the sound was louder. He looked around at the surrounding greenery, seeing it move briefly. There was something there for sure; someone had been following him. “Even if it’s hostile, I won’t

shoot it.” Mega Man said lowly, remembering his intense dislike of violence. Suddenly, a vast number of large figures emerged from the surrounding bushes…and what they were

surprised our hero.

“Who are you, stranger?” One of them, most likely the leader, asked. All of the beings were large, well-muscled reptilians that walked on two feet. Mega Man was astonished, as he had no information in his database about such beings. The small robot wasn’t sure if he wanted to call them lizardmen, since to them it might have been an insult.

“My name is Mega Man.” The Blue Bomber responded.

“He doesn’t look like one of his soldiers.” One of the other reptilians whispered into the leader’s ear. Mega Man noticed the leader had a distinct shade of olive green to his scales, probably to distinguish him from the others as the one in charge.

“No, but he does not seem to be from our world either.” The leader said back to his colleague and then turned back to look down at Mega Man. “Would you mind if you come with us, Mega Man? We have some questions for you.”

“I don’t mind. I have a few of my own.” With that, Mega Man left with the tall reptilians, hoping to receive answers to questions.

Meanwhile, in a mysterious place…

A tall dark figure was looking over his assortment of magical items. He had sensed something occur on the astral plane of planet Rulus and desired to know what it was. With his all-seeing crystal “eye,” a large rare crystal mined from the deepest reaches of planet Rulus, he was able to take note of all activity in the world. His crystal showed him Reptile’s people and…

“Who is this? I have never seen this one before.” He said, taking note of the small blue-armored character walking next to Reptile. “A new ally of Reptile’s, perhaps? Either way, he must be someone of great power if he activated my crystal eye. I will study this new stranger further and discover what sort of power he has.”

Reptilian Stronghold…

“So Mega Man, you say you’re from another world?” Reptile began as he and his fellow warriors dined.

“That’s correct. A mishap back in my world caused me to end up here on Planet Rulus. And until my creator and his colleagues repair the damage done to the machine that sent me here, I can’t really do anything about it.”

“I see. And this has been bothering me for a while, but are you a human?”

“Not exactly. I’m a robot.”

“Robot?” Reptile and his people tried to pronounce the word.

“Yes. Back on my planet, Earth, humans created machines that look like humans, called robots. According to my creator, Dr. Light, I’m different from other robots.”

“How so?”

“Well, he created with human emotions. I can think and feel like a human.”

“So that is why I thought you were a human. You look and act so much like one!” They all enjoyed a hearty laugh together. “So tell me Mega Man, what do robots do?”

“Well, humans created us to do the things they would like us to do. Tasks that require enormous physical strength, or doing multiple tasks at once. It’s called a robot’s programming.”

“Interesting. There are humans on this planet too, but they have nothing like what you have told us of.”

“There are?”

“Yes, they are our allies in battle, and more importantly, our friends. Would you like to meet them?”

“Sure I would.”

“Very well, we can arrange a meeting tomorrow. I’m sure Xevon would not mind meeting a new friend. We do need to see regarding our enemy.”

“Your enemy?”

“Yes, his name is Devon. Would you care to hear of him?”

“Yeah. If he is someone troublesome, I have to at least know why.”

“Very well.” Reptile went on to tell Mega Man about the horrors of Devon, the heinous acts he had committed and the powerful magic he commands. Afterward, the stronghold went to sleep. Mega Man didn’t need to sleep, as robots normally rest in capsules for sleep, so he went outside to try and reach Dr. Light. He pressed the one of the two buttons on his buster and spoke into it.

“Dr. Light, Dr. Light, come in. This is Mega Man. Do you read me?”

“Mega Man? Thanks goodness you’re alright. Where are you?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Mega Man said with his free hand on the back of his head.

“Is that Mega Man?” A female voice asked.

“Roll, is that you?”

“Mega Man, I’m so relieved you’re okay. I thought when you fell into that portal, you’d…”

“It’s okay Roll, I’m fine now.”

“Mega Man, please tell us what’s happened to you so far.” Dr. Light said. Mega Man went on to explain everything that has transpired to him since arriving on Planet Rulus. Dr. Light and Roll were astounded at the story.

“For now Mega Man, we’re currently working on the DFG. Only a few minutes have passed since you’ve been gone.”

“A few minutes!? Wow, I’ve already been here for a day with Reptile and his people.”

“Perhaps time moves at different intervals on Rulus due to the dimensional alteration, though I base this according to Dr. Baskirk’s time regulation theory. In any case, we will inform you as soon as it’s completed.”

“Okay Dr. Light. In the meantime, I will try to make the most of my time here and learn what I can from Reptile. Mega Man out.” The Blue Bomber cut the communication and went back inside. From nearby, a figure in the shadows had been watching Mega Man the entire time.


Mega Man learned more from Reptile regarding the daily routine and lifestyle of the reptilian folk. It was amazing to watch, even for a robot.

“We train like this constantly to keep ourselves ready for Devon’s attacks. He is like a monster from the darkest depths.” Reptile explained to Mega Man as Reptile gave instructions on fighting maneuvers to his people. “After we our complete morning exercises, we shall head to Xevon’s castle.”

“Alright.” But before they could make good on that promise, a problem arose. One that would spell some problems for the reptilians. “It can’t be…Freeze Man!” Mega Man exclaimed.

“Well, well, looks like the blue brat has gone and made friends with lizards. That’s rich!” Freeze Man said, putting his hand under his chin.

“What are you doing here!?” Mega Man asked. The reptilians took note of the sudden raising of his voice and entered fighting stances.

“Well, I was sent by Dr. Wily to put you on ice, considering you’re so far away from home. I intend to make good on that too. Freeze Cracker!” The ice robot sent out his chilling snowflake attack, trying to solidify the Blue Bomber. Reptile and Mega Man moved out of the way.

“Was that your best shot?” Reptile asked, drawing his sword.

“Hardly, and if you’re not careful, you might just get a cold shoulder…or worse!”

“What!?” The snowflake collided into a tree and split into several smaller ones that bounced around the stronghold, freezing anything they touched…including the reptilians. Several of them became encased in solid coffins of ice. Freeze Man laughed madly, delighting in the scene.

“Correct me if I’m wrong Mega Man, but aren’t reptiles cold-blooded? If they can’t absorb enough heat, they become sluggish. And if you fall asleep while you’re frozen, well…”

“No! My people!” Reptile shouted. Mega Man quickly pushed the second button on his buster and the color of his armor changed.

“Reptile, move out of the way! Scorch Wheel!” Mega Man unleashed his copied weapon from Turbo Man, sending out a spinning amalgamation of four fireballs at the frozen reptile folk. They were freed quickly by the intense temperatures of the weapon. Reptile looked at Mega Man at astonishment.

He can control the elements? Like a sorcerer? The reptilian thought. Mega Man changed weapons again to the Junk Shield, knowing from past experience it was his weakness. He hurled the spinning circle of trash at Freeze Man, causing some moderate damage to his circuitry.

“Hmph.” Freeze Man said with a smug look as he surveyed the damage done to his left arm. “Tough as always, huh? I’ll be back to finish you and your little lizard friends later. I just came to give you a heads up, twerp. This is only the start of the what I have in store for you. See ya!” Freeze Man then skidded along the ground as if it were an ice rink and made his escape.

Devon’s Castle…

“Well now, this is interesting, isn’t it? We have another strange new visitor to our world.” Devon said as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “And he seems to be the enemy of that blue stranger. I could use this to my advantage. Guards!” A couple of elite-looking soldiers ran into the room. “I need you to bring this one here to me, immediately.” Devon commanded, pointing to the image of Freeze Man still skidding away in the emerald. “Bring me the one called Freeze Man. He is in the southern reaches now. You can get to him if you leave now.”

“Yes my lord. At once!” They said in unison and departed.

“If this one’s abilities can be used against Reptile and his people, then I will have no trouble enslaving his kind.” Devon laughed maniacally. “What better way to stop a reptile cold in his tracks?”

Reptilian Stronghold…

Mega Man, Reptile and a few others made their way to Xevon’s Castle shortly after making sure no one had become severely frostbitten from Freeze Man’s attack. Along the way, Reptile had grown more curious about Mega Man’s fighting abilities and decided to ask the Blue Bomber about it.

“Oh, that? Well, when I defeat one of Wily’s robots, I copy their weapons. Then I can use them later on.”

“You have some remarkable powers, Mega Man. I can see why the one called Freeze Man had to use such methods to fight you.”

“Sorry your people had to get involved. I should have moved faster.”

“Think nothing of it. It wasn’t your fault at all. It was an unexpected attack. In any case, it’s just over this next pass. We will be at the castle soon.”

It had taken them a little while longer, but the party arrived at the majestic castle of Xevon, the king of the region. They headed for the throne room at the behest of the guards. Upon entering, Xevon and Reptile greeted each other as they always had done.

“Reptile, good to see you my friend. How are things?”

“Not well. It seems we have a new enemy.”

“A servant of Devon’s?”

“No, and it might be worse than anything Devon’s magic could conjure.”

“Is that so? Oh, who’s this?” Xevon said, taking note of the blue armored boy.

“This is our people’s new friend, Mega Man. He is not from our planet.” Reptile explained as Xevon looked at the Blue Bomber. The boy robot’s eyes reminded him of his son Kyle’s innocence.

“So then, where are you from?” Xevon asked. Mega Man explained as best he could to the king. When he was done, the court of the castle needed time to take in the new information. What was clear was that Xevon was sure that Devon would try to find a way to make use of the arrival of Freeze Man. “This Freeze Man, the one you claim can control ice, sounds like quite a problematic character. If he could bring Reptile’s people so close to defeat, he must be formidable.”

“He was using the fact that reptiles are cold-blooded to his advantage, the creep.” Mega Man said.

“If Devon does actually find Freeze Man, there is no telling what could happen. We must find him and put a stop to him before that can happen.” Reptile said at length.

“I can track him with my robot radar. We can follow the signal right to him.” Mega Man said, showing the king and Reptile his buster arm.

“Very well, I shall accompany you as well. I will not allow our kingdom’s friends to be frozen by this stranger. We shall set out soon. Everyone, prepare yourselves.”

Within the next hour…

Mega Man, joined by his new friends, set out to seek Freeze Man. But what they hadn’t realized was that that very Robot Master was lying in wait for the small army to come his way. As the group traveled along under a cliff overhang, Freeze Man fired off a storm of icicles down on them. Mega Man caught on to the attack and changed weapons to the Power Stone, sending out boulders to crush the ice. Xevon and the others used their war shields to block what Mega Man missed. After the storm ended, the icy robot landed in from up above in front of them. He made his dramatic pose and looked the group over.

“So runt, I see you needed some help to deal with me. Tell me something though, what

good’s a bunch of lizards and humans going to do you?” At the snide remark, Mega Man pointed his buster arm at him with his allies readying their weapons as well behind him.

“This is the one called Freeze Man?” Xevon asked Reptile.

“Yes. Don’t be fooled by his appearance. He is fast and can control ice like a sorcerer.”

“Well, shall we get started?” Freeze Man said as he aimed his palm at them.

“Are you the one called Freeze Man?” A voice said from behind the Robot Master. It was Devon’s guards.

“Who wants to know?” He looked at the two armor-clad humans.

“Our master Devon wishes to speak with you.”

“No.” Xevon said under his breath.

To be continued...