***HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!!!***

17. December 2017
"Face your Destiny"
Devon is back and he's more powerful than before!

16. December 2017
"Digital Harvest"
A pony-cyborg who can hack data and computers. He's new in the RHC!

18. November 2017
"Sleepy Time"
Hazard Redmane is sleeping in his bed - surrounded by his beloved plushies! ^^

22. August 2017
Reptile, Valeris and Xevon are being attacked by a horde of demons in a dark cave. This is a remake of an old comic page!

03. August 2017
"Reptile Portrait 2017"
Just a new portrait of REPTILE!

08. July 2017
"I won't let you down"
Hazard Redmane is helping his friend Reptile.

20. April 2017
"DJ: Friendly Fox"
A new pencil drawing of the friendly muscle-fox DJ! :3  And look: A Reppy-plushie is also here...

11. April 2017
"Medieval Lewis Wilmot"
This is the mercenary version of the character "Lewis Wilmot" from a medieval fantasy universe.

07. January 2017
"Monster Hunter"
Long before Reptile met the first humans he had to fight for his survivial each day. And this scene shows such a day... what a disgusting monster he has to face, right?