18. November 2017
"Sleepy Time"
Hazard Redmane is sleeping in his bed - surrounded by his beloved plushies! ^^

22. August 2017
Reptile, Valeris and Xevon are being attacked by a horde of demons in a dark cave. This is a remake of an old comic page!

03. August 2017
"Reptile Portrait 2017"
Just a new portrait of REPTILE!

08. July 2017
"I won't let you down"
Hazard Redmane is helping his friend Reptile.

20. April 2017
"DJ: Friendly Fox"
A new pencil drawing of the friendly muscle-fox DJ! :3  And look: A Reppy-plushie is also here...

11. April 2017
"Medieval Lewis Wilmot"
This is the mercenary version of the character "Lewis Wilmot" from a medieval fantasy universe.

07. January 2017
"Monster Hunter"
Long before Reptile met the first humans he had to fight for his survivial each day. And this scene shows such a day... what a disgusting monster he has to face, right?

***HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!!***

26. December 2016
"Reptile Title Font 2017"
The latest logo for my character and fantasy stories involving "Reptile"! The new logo is a mix between the design of 2008 and 2010.

15. November 2016
Yeah... it happens that Reptile and Kyle have a difference of opinion or even an argument. This is life. They have to deal with it peacefully!

10. November 2016
"20 Years of Reptile"
20 years ago I've created the very first drawing of my fantasy character "Reptile Cynrik".
Happy Birthday, Reptile!!!

18. Oktober 2016
"Hoof Wrestling"
The ponies "Hazard" and "Reptile" doing some hoof wrestling... ^^

18. July 2016
"Dawn of the Undead"
Devon is back...!!!

08. June 2016
"Shadow of the Steel"
This is some kind of "movie poster" for the "Red Hazard Crew" and the "Maretropolice Force" - it's a MLP artwork with new and unique characters!

15. May 2016
"Eye of the Drake"
Well, it seems I've created a new entry for my "Eye close-up artworks" collection... because this is the second traditional artwork in which you can see the detailed close-up of an eye. What can I say? I just like drawing eyes! It's the most important body part in my opinion. The slit pupil isn't really correct... sorry about that.

20. April 2016
"DJ: Powerfox"
The muscle fox DJ DARKFOX is training with a heavy bar-bell. Completely done with pencils!

16. April 2016
"Reptile attacks"
In coming Reptile!! He is ready to attack his enemey. This is a quick artwork in cartoon style!

25. March 2016
"Taking a break"
The trucker friends Gazza (left) and Lewis (right) are taking a break with some beer. But DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!

03. February 2016
"King of the Jungle"
Again, a new "Reptile poser in red speedo" - this is some kind of update of my artwork "Reptilian Athlete" of 2013!

31. January 2016
"Claws and Scales"
Here is the crew of the U.S.S. Galactica: Kahn (Caitian), Kithar (Caitian), Mirri (Caitian), Ma'rat (Gorn) and Marishka (Caitian)!

09. January 2016
"I see you (Reptile's Eye)"
Somehow, I have never been satisfied with his eyes... and we all know that the eyes are so very important for the expression of any character!
Personally, I love drawing eyes of any kind... and this time I've tried to draw Reptile's eyes as realistic as possible. And everything is done with traditional media!

01. January 2016
"Final Victory"
My three main heroes in a cool battle pose: Reptile, Valeris und Kyle - ready to fight the last battle against the Khan and the Barbarian hordes!